Aloe Verum Bio, a European reference

We would like to share some great news with you. Plameca has launched Aloe Verum Bio, a food product that is a reference throughout the continent. It is Europe’s first 100% ecological and non-pasteurized aloe vera juice (in other words, the plant has not been exposed to high temperatures that could alter its active ingredients). Aloe Verum Bio is a local product because it is grown in Seville at the 10-acre Bencaloe Estate. This is the largest ecological aloe vera plantation in Europe.

As you know, aloe vera is an ancient plant that has been used since ancient civilizations (the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans), as well as by the famous doctor and alchemist Paracelso (in the 16th century) and in the present day. Aloe vera continues to be studied, resulting in expanded knowledge of its use for numerous applications and benefits. Perhaps the most famous research was performed by the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine (United States) in 1985. This work revealed the beneficial effects of regular consumption of oral aloe vera on the digestive system. In fact, aloe vera plants have traditionally been used to maintain gastrointestinal health and in situations of fatigue.


Experts in non-pasteurized aloe vera

Aloe Verum Bio is being added to Plameca’s range of Aloe Verum products. All the plants used to prepare Aloe Verum products are obtained from the Bencaloe Estate. Whole leaves are harvested from the fresh plant by means of a 100% manual method in order to avoid altering the properties of the aloe vera plant as well as its oxidative stress. The leaves are transferred within 24 hours to the biofactory for processing. The quality of the entire process is certified by the University of Burgos (Spain) and the Spectral Services laboratory (Germany). The Aloe Verum range also includes:

  • Aloe Verum Premium, which has a pure flavor. It is non-pasteurized and contains all the pulp of the fresh plant. Each bottle of this oral aloe vera juice is numbered individually and the harvest identification code is specified.
  • Aloe Verum Classicum. Unlike the product listed above, this version does not contain the plant’s pulp.
  • Aloe Verum Topicum. This rose hip-enriched gel is for topical use.

We remind you that food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

Aloe Verum Bio is the first aloe vera juice in Europe that is 100% ecological and non-pasteurized. The plants used for its production are located in Seville, the home of the largest biological aloe vera plantation in the continent.

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