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The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe the management of this website in relation to the processing of its users’ personal data, in compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and other complementary laws, for those who connect to the corporate website owned by PLANTAS MEDICINALES Y COMPLEMENTOS ALIMENTICIOS S.A at the address

1. Contact details of the DATA CONTROLLER.


Registered Offices:


Tax ID (NIF): A60386539

Mercantile Registry on Sheet M-662218, Volume 37100, Page 60


Users should read this Privacy Policy carefully before sending any personal information and/or completing any electronic forms on the website.

2. Data of minors or legally incapacitated persons

Access and registration on this social media platform is forbidden for minors under fourteen (14) years of age, in such a way that access and use of the official page of PLAMECA by minors under fourteen (14) years of age is likewise forbidden. Moreover, if the user is legally unauthorised, PLAMECA warns that the approved support of the parent or guardian of the user or their legal representative will be necessary to access and use this official PLAMECA website. PLAMECA will be expressly released from any liability that may derive from the use of its official page by minors and legally unauthorised persons, as this responsibility falls on their legal representatives in each case.

3. Purposes of processing personal data

Listed below are the purposes of the processing of personal data managed through this website and provided by users through online forms, social networks or acquired automatically during browsing.

The purposes of the processing of personal data are:

1) To improve and personalise the user’s experience on the website.

2) To allow registration on the website to access specific sections thereof and to provide and manage the various services offered.

3) To allow users to publish their own content directly on the website or on websites managed independently by third parties with which PLAMECA has reached agreements in this regard, such as, for example, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. (hereinafter, “Social Networks”).

4) With prior consent, to carry out marketing activities such as the sending of promotional and advertising material by email or other telematic means, regarding the services offered by PLAMECA.

5) To respond to user requests regarding PLAMECA’S products and services.

6) To manage the processing of resumés that users send to PLAMECA via the email address provided on the website.

7) To manage product orders through our online shop. Management of shipments and billing.

4. Commercial communications

In accordance with the provisions set forth in Article 21 of Law 34/2002 of July 11 on Information Society Services and e-Commerce, PLAMECA will request your express consent to send you the newsletter, as well as advertisements or promotions for our products by email or any other similar means of electronic communication.

By filling out and sending the corresponding form through a  landing page, users agree to and authorise the processing of their personal data by PLAMECA.  If you include personal data owned by third parties in the form on this landing page, prior to their addition you will have to obtain their consent and inform them of all the content mentioned in the paragraphs above.

All data requested through Plameca SA is mandatory, as it is necessary for the newsletter to be sent. If not all data are provided, PLAMECA cannot guarantee that the information and services offered will be completely adapted to your needs.

We hereby inform you that you may opt out of these communications at any time by sending us your request to the email address

5. Transfers of data to third parties

PLAMECA expressly informs users and guarantees that their personal data will not be provided to third parties under any circumstances, and if any type of transfer of personal data were to take place, the owners would first be asked for their express, informed, and unequivocal consent.

PLAMECA only intends to transfer or disclose data in cases where the legislation in force obliges it to do so to judges, courts, public authorities and the competent administrative authorities.

6. Publication of content by the user

Through this official page of PLAMECA, users can share texts, photographs, videos and other types of information and/or content that will be subject to this policy and the platform’s rules and regulations. Users shall be responsible for ensuring that all content published is in accordance with the legislation in force, this policy and the platform’s rules.

Users may only publish, on this official page of PLAMECA, personal data, photographs and information or other content owned by them or for which they have obtained the authorisation of third parties.

PLAMECA shall have the right to delete from this official page—unilaterally and without users’ prior communication or authorisation—any content published by users when they infringe upon or violate the legislation in force, the rules set out in this policy or the platform’s rules.

7. Other service providers

PLAMECA hereby informs users that this entity is only liable for and guarantees the confidentiality, security and processing of data in accordance with this policy for the personal data collected from users through this official page or the social networks used by PLAMECA. It accepts no liability whatsoever with regard to the processing and subsequent use of personal data that may be carried out by both the owner of the social media platform and third-party information society service providers that may access such data as a result of providing their services or in the exercise of their activities, third parties that establish hyperlinks to the social media platform, and parties responsible for the hyperlinks through which PLAMECA sends users subscribed to this official page.

8. Data quality

PLAMECA hereby informs users that unless legal representation has been granted, no user can use another person’s identity and communicate their personal data. Users must bear in mind that they can only provide personal data relevant to their own identity, and that they must be appropriate, relevant, current, accurate and true. In any case, users must respect the privacy of third parties, whether or not they are users of the social networks used by PLAMECA or the official page of PLAMECA there.

9. Resumés

For the purposes of the provisions of the current data protection regulations, all resumés that are sent through the email addresses of PLAMECA will be added to a file entitled resumés, owned by PLAMECA, in order to study and manage their participation in the selection processes run by PLAMECA. The data on the resumés provided will be kept for one year, after which time PLAMECA will destroy it.

10. Exercising of A.R.C.O Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition)

The holder of the data can exercise their rights through the Data Controller, PLAMECA, at any time, in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016. Therefore, the holder of the data is entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning them and their communication in an intelligible manner, in order to obtain information about the source of the data, the processing purposes, the processing methods, the party responsible for the file, its representative and the parties to whom the data may be communicated, and to ensure that the data are corrected, complemented and updated, as well as eliminated or transformed anonymously.

The holder of the data may at any time ask for the cessation of the processing activities related to direct marketing and commercial communications.

In order to effectively exercise all of these rights, users must send written notification to PLANTAS MEDICINALES Y COMPLEMENTOS ALIMENTICIOS, SA or through the email address we provide in all of our commercial communications: Should we receive a cancellation request, we will remove the user’s data from our mailing lists within the period established by law.

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