Curarti Forte: equivalent to 120,000 mg of Curcuma longa in just one tablet!

Yes, just as you heard it! 😉

Now, our Curarti Forte® has 30 tablets and in just one of them, you obtain 78 mg of Curarti® complexed curcumin*.

Every Curarti Forte tablet contains 78 mg of Curarti® complexed curcumin, which is equal to 4,800 mg of conventional curcumin (62:1) according to the results obtained in experiments with the Caco-2 cellular model. Curcumin is found in its natural form in the turmeric root (Curcuma longa) in a 3-5% ratio. Using the average value (4%) and the equivalence specified above, a Curarti Forte tablet is equal to 120,000 mg of Curcuma longa root.

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