Plameca's management team acquires 100% of the equity to drive its expansion in the dietary supplements market

  • Plameca, a company specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of nutritional supplements, is strongly committed to its development in digital sales channels, as well as the introduction of its products in the pharmacy channel.
  • The Suanfarma Group dissociates itself from the project in order to focus on its core business concentrated on the active pharmaceutical ingredients and nutritional ingredients market.

After more than 20 years of constant growth within the Suanfarma group, Plameca has considered that it is time to embark on a new path of expansion in a growing market such as food supplements.  

With the help of its management team, Plameca is launching a new strategic plan that will enable it to position itself as a benchmark company in its sector. To achieve its objectives, Plameca plans to strengthen its industrial activity, increase its international expansion, tackle the digitalization of the business and enter the pharmacy channel.

Suanfarma will focus on the development, manufacture and marketing of active and nutritional ingredients for the health sector.

Oscar Fernandez, CEO of Plameca, reiterates: "Plameca has been a successful company within the Suanfarma group for more than 20 years. Now it was time to disengage and go our own way. We want to maximize Plameca's full growth potential and we in the management team know how to do it. We have a very ambitious strategic plan prepared for the coming years. " 

Oscar Fernandez, CEO of Plameca

About Plameca

Laboratory of food supplements and medicinal plantsfounded in 1984 in Barcelona. Plameca has more than 35 years of commitment to natural wellness with the best selection of food supplements and medicinal plants and their application in the improvement of people's health.

Plameca currently exports to more than 30 countries developing new products based on innovation and scientifically proven efficacy. Plameca, having been integrated in the Suanfarma Group, has been a pioneer in the application of pharmaceutical standards in the field of nutritional supplements and maintains the largest offer of medicinal plants in Spain.