We collaborate with Caritas for their project 'Homeless'.

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Plameca is a brand committed to natural health, but also to those causes that fight to improve the conditions of the most disadvantaged. This year we have decided to make our annual donation to CaritasThe Foundation is an official confederation of charitable and social action organizations founded in 1947. The project to which our donation is destined is called 'Homeless' and this is its presentation video:

Video presentation of the Caritas project 'Homeless'.

The objective of Caritas with this project is to help the homeless with multipurpose spaces that help meet their basic needs, such as those related to hygiene and food, but also the socialization of this group.

The work done by organizations such as Caritas is commendable, so our goal each year is to make a donation to a project that helps the people who need it most. Last year we supported the initiative of the Arraigo Foundation y Educo.

From Plameca we are very proud to be able to collaborate with Caritas with a donation of €1,000 to improve the living conditions of homeless people. From the whole Plameca and Caritas team: thank you for making this possible!