Healthy Indications

Mental fatigue, do you suffer from it too?

We often think of fatigue or exhaustion as something physical, but mental fatigue does exist and it is likely to [...]

Healthy recipes

How to make broccoli and avocado salad with eggs

A broccoli and avocado salad with egg? Yes, yes, you read that right. Because at Plameca we believe that a salad [...]

Healthy recipes

Crispy baked lentils recipe: rediscover this legume

This summer we invite you to rediscover lentils with this recipe of crispy baked lentils. It is very easy and [...]

Healthy recipes

Recipe of quinoa bowl, vegetables with seitan and poached egg

Quinoa is still a great unknown for many, who do not dare to introduce it in their recipes. Today we [...]

Resolutivo Regium

Why does everyone take cranberry?

We are not referring to the bluish-black blueberries you see in the grocery store, but to the American cranberry, which is more [...]

Weight Control

This summer, Plan 21 and... have a body that doesn't even paint!

Do you know our Plan 21 weight control line? Make it your best ally this summer. The Plan 21 range [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

Keep your cholesterol in check with Policol One improved Formula

We present to you Policol One improved Formula, a food supplement that helps to keep your cholesterol in check and your liver [...]


Plameca's management team acquires 100% of the equity to drive its expansion in the dietary supplements market

Plameca, a company specializing in the development, manufacture and distribution of nutritional supplements, is strongly committed to its development in digital channels [...]


Protectium Gri-Stop: This winter, get on with your life!

Protectium Gri-Stop is a food supplement with a unique formula to support your respiratory and immune well-being. The formula of [...]


We collaborate with Caritas for their project 'Homeless'.

Plameca is a brand committed to natural health, but also to those causes that strive to improve the conditions of the [...]


New agreement to perform efficacy studies on Food Supplements

PLAMECA has signed a two year Research Agreement with the Universidad Católica de Murcia ( UCAM) to perform efficacy studies [...].


New research agreement between UCAM and Plameca

We are pleased to announce the new agreement between the Universidad Católica San Antonio, also known as Universidad Católica de Murcia or [...]


Plameca is the new sponsor of RCD Espanyol for the Asian markets.

Plameca is proud to announce that we are renewing our sponsorship agreement with the historic RCD Espanyol de Barcelona for the next [...]


We look forward to seeing you at Vitafoods Europe 2021.

Plameca returns to Vitafoods Europe 2021, after the postponement last year due to COVID-19. It is the [...]


Microphyt announces launch of SCALE, the world's first industrial microalgae biorefinery

▪ Construction of the world's first microalgae biorefinery with industrial capacity at Microphyt's facilities in France from [...]


All that Aloe Verum can do for you

Aloe is a must, an essential to always have on hand. Do you need to take care of your skin after a [...]


New Plameca ad

Committed to your natural well-being since 1984, at Plameca we want you to get to know us better through this advertisement and [...]


Tea tree oil: what it is used for and how to use it

Tea tree oil can do a lot for you and your home. The origins of tea tree oil are [...]