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Healthy Indications

Mental fatigue, do you suffer from it too?

We often think of fatigue or exhaustion as something physical, but mental fatigue does exist and it is likely to [...]

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Healthy Indications

Everything you should know about vitamin K

Vitamin K is not one of the best known vitamins, but that does not mean that it does not play a role in [...]

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Turmeric, a spice with medicinal properties

Turmeric is the tuber of Curcuma longa, a plant of the Zingiberaceae family, that is to say, of the [...]

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Healthy Indications

Pure Vitamin C 1000 mg: what is it for? How to take it?

Vitamin C has a multitude of benefits for our health, also for the defensive system. But how to obtain the [...]

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Quality of life

Vitamin C: beyond the myths and foods rich in it

Drink an orange juice, which is loaded with vitamin C, and quickly, otherwise you will lose your vitamins, [...].

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Healthy Indications

10 tips to prevent urinary tract infection this summer

In summer, one of the most common and uncomfortable situations are urinary tract infections. With the [...]


3 ingredients to improve the drainage of your legs

There are many reasons why we suffer from drainage problems in the legs: heat, from the summer onwards, [...]

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States of mind

5 ways to avoid holiday stress

Have you started with the Christmas preparations and are you already feeling the Christmas stress? You're probably planning your Christmas menus [...]

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Healthy Indications

5 superfoods to combat colds

With the arrival of cold weather, closed environments with heating and poor ventilation are a breeding ground for viruses and microbes [...]

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Quality of life

Is eating a yogurt and a piece of fruit healthy?

How many times have we heard that "today a light dinner, a yogurt and a piece of fruit, and then we'll [...]

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Healthy Indications

Natural remedies for hair loss made at home

An effective way to prevent hair loss, apart from taking foods that help you, as we mentioned last week, is to [...]

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Brewer's yeast and 7 other foods to prevent hair loss

At Plameca we have spent the whole month giving you tips on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to avoid the fall of the [...]

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5 ways to get back to the routine with recharged batteries

It is a time of changes, of resuming obligations, of going back to school, to work, to university... And all of this after [...]

Healthy Indications

Discover the top 5 benefits of drinking Aloe Vera

Hydrate yourself inside and out for an iron health Aloe Vera is a succulent plant. It receives [...]

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5 tips for perfect legs this summer

Do you find it an impossible challenge to show off beautiful legs? In plameca we want to help you to achieve it, so if you are [...]

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Healthy Indications

The 10 benefits of eating nuts

How many times have you heard how healthy it is to eat nuts? If you thought so... you're right! The [...]

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Healthy Indications

Bikini operation: 5 exercises with high intensity intervals to do from home

If you want to lose abdominal fat and feel better inside and out, take note of these 5 exercises with interval training and [...]

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Quality of life

4 steps to improve your brain performance

Have you ever wondered how to exercise your mind? Or even, have you felt very tired psychologically, whether it's [...]