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This summer, Plan 21 and... have a body that doesn't even paint!

Do you know our Plan 21 weight control line? Make it your best ally this summer. The Plan 21 range [...]

Christmas excesses and how to counteract them BLOG
Weight Control

Christmas excesses and how to counteract them

You can see it coming: Christmas is on the prowl and with it the excesses. Despite the fact that this Christmas is [...]

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How can I lose weight according to my age?

With time and age, bodies change and so does the way to lose weight. It makes sense then [...]

10 vegetables fall season 1
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Autumn: 10 seasonal vegetables

There are many benefits of consuming seasonal vegetables, including respecting the cycle of nature and eating according to the season.

10 fruits autumn season 1
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Autumn: 10 seasonal fruits

Enjoying healthy seasonal foods means respecting the cycle of nature and eating accordingly. In autumn [...]

Canada Food Guide 3
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Canada's food guide or how to eat well

This is not just another food guide, it is the guide par excellence that not only includes recommendations on what to [...]

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Not like this: two ways of dieting that will NOT cause weight loss

We know. Christmas, New Year's Eve, Epiphany... The excesses of these dates are impossible, almost as much as the miracle diets [...]

Weight Control

5 infallible tips to look divine this Christmas with the Plan21 Challenge. Start now!

We are one month away from the most caloric holiday of the year, Christmas, and we don't want Sant Claus to [...]

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Diez Minutos endorses Plan21's products

Four readers of Diez Minutos magazine test Plan 21 products for a month and explain their experience in the [...]

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5 tips that help you speed up your metabolism

Include 30 minutes of physical activity in your routine. It doesn't matter if it is moderate or intense, if you start including [...]

plameca receta quinoa portada
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Recipe for quinoa salad with kale

Every day we worry more and more about our food and that of our family members, since there are many problems of [...]

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Achieve your goals more easily with the new Garcinia Activ Plan!

We must take care of our body both inside and out. Plameca's Plan21 products are focused on [...]

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Four healthy and delicious dishes for Valentine's Day!

Today is a special day for many couples celebrating love and how much they love each other, and not [...]


Plameca's food supplements in "Piérdete y disfruta" of Gestiona Radio

J.M. Llabrés, Plameca's technical director, recently attended the radio program "Piérdete y disfruta" (Get lost and enjoy), directed and presented by the [...]

Weight Control

Prepare your body to lose weight in the final stretch to summer with Plan Shock Duo

We are at the time of the year when we are most self-demanding; summer arrives, our body is more exposed, our [...]

Weight Control

The dietitian and her psychological work

The dietitians-nutritionists in consultation are professionals who put at the service of our clients our knowledge in multiple disciplines: physiology, anatomy, anatomy and [...]

Weight Control

*DRAWING CLOSED* "A Thousand and One Dreamy Nights" with DonnaBella® Slim

*The beautiful story of DonnaBella® continues... You already know that at Plameca we have been inspired by your feminine personality [...]

Weight Control

Show off a gorgeous figure with DonnaBella® Slim

Are you a woman with a positive spirit? Do you fight with determination for what you want? Do you like to take care of yourself? DonnaBella® is inspired by [...]