Not like this: two ways of dieting that will NOT cause weight loss

We know. Christmas, New Year's Eve, Epiphany... The excesses of these dates are impossible, almost as much as miracle diets or express solutions. Losing weight doesn't have to be an inhuman sacrifice, read and you'll see!

Now that the party is over, it's time to reconcile with the scales and put your diet in order. But when it comes to losing weight, not everything goes. Discover some of the diets that, although they have gained popularity, will not help you in your purpose of losing weight.

Intermittent fasting

Don't panic. Just because it does not help to lose weight does not mean that it is harmful to our health. Intermittent fasting, according to a study by the University of Adelaide in Australia, helps to reduce insulin levels and cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Caloric restriction

The effectiveness of calorie restriction for weight loss has been proven, but it is only beneficial for health (and for losing those extra pounds) if done under medical supervision, as a study published in the journal Lancet Diabetes&Endocrinology has revealed. The research concludes that a reduction of 300 calories a day improves metabolic and cardiovascular markers, as well as helping to lose weight and body fat. But not everyone is able to withstand such small rations, and if we go hungry for a while, the great enemy appears: the rebound effect.

Do not set too ambitious short-term goals and a balanced diet, as well as adding a specific food supplement for weight control, are our best recommendation to achieve your goal this time.

References and data extracted from the BuenaVida magazine of El País.