How can I lose weight according to my age?

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With time and age, bodies change and so does the way we lose weight. It makes sense then that the food supplements we use to help us achieve these goals also change and are different depending on our age.

losing weight for women over 40 years of age
How can I lose weight according to my age? 4

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 4 out of every 10 Spanish women (equivalent to 44.1%) have problems with the kilos of food they consume. out of every 10 Spanish women (equivalent to 44.1%) have problems with the extra kilos. and as age increases, the tendency to gain weight in women is accentuated. women.

Losing weight beyond 40

According to the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO), with the advent of the premenopause the female body produces less estrogen and progesterone. The deficit of these hormones has a direct impact on the tendency to accumulate fat and lose muscle mass. Did you know that in three out of four women there is an increase in waist size and visceral fat accumulated in this area? Well, visceral fat is directly related to increased cardiovascular risk and/or some types of serious diseases.

This stage brings with it emotional, psychological and physical changes. And also something that no one likes: 75% of women tend to increase their body weight by an average of 7 kilos (two extra clothing sizes) and at least half of them are concentrated in the abdominal area in the form of visceral fat, according to a study by the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO) based on a sample of 126 women between 45 and 54 years of age.

That's why we present Garcinia Activ 40+ and Diudre 40+, whose use during weight loss processes will help you achieve your goals.

  • Garcinia Activ 40+containing Vitamin E, which contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative damage, is the perfect complement to a balanced diet and physical exercise to keep the extra pounds at bay. How should it be taken? Take two capsules a day, preferably with meals.
  • Diudre 40+It is the perfect complement in the weight loss stage because it helps you maintain fluid balance, also providing phytoestrogens from dong quai and flax. To take it, pour 15 ml (measuring cup) in one and a half liters of water and consume throughout the day.
losing weight for young women
How can I lose weight according to my age? 5

For the youngest

The desire to lose weight knows no age, and we often look to food supplements to help us achieve our goals. often we also look for help in food supplements to achieve these goals. these objectives.

For people under 40 years of age, the use of the following is recommended Garcinia Activwith a high concentration of Garcinia Cambogia, in combination with Diudre Stevia +.

Fluid retention is one of the reasons why we gain weight. weight gain and manifests itself as swollen legs and abdomen and Didure Stevia + will help you with it. To take it you have to pour 15 ml (measuring cup) in a liter and a half of water and drink it. in a liter and a half of water and consume during the day.