Policol One: Say goodbye to cholesterol and keep your liver and heart in good shape!

Maintains the levels of cholesterol It protects the heart and liver, and purifies the body of toxins. All in one food supplement: Policol One.

The triple action of Policol One different needs, even though we know that the cholesterol is, today, one of the main focuses of public health attention in developed countries. In Spain, 80% of those over 35 years of age has a level of cholesterol above 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood. The Spanish Heart Foundation between 200 and 240 ml/dl is considered to be equivalent to a level of cholesterol normal-high, while at 240 and above, measures must be taken, since the cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Ingredients of Policol One

  • Red yeast rice (Manascus purpureus). Monacolin K, an active ingredient of red yeast rice, contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of cholesterol in blood.
  • Coenzyme Q-10. This substance is found in the human body, especially in the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. CoQ10 produces the energy needed for cells to grow and stay healthy. Our body also uses coenzyme Q-10 as an antioxidant. Red yeast rice can lower CoQ10 levels and, for this reason, we have included this coenzyme in Policol Oneto ensure adequate supplementation in our body.
  • Dry extract of resin of Gugul (Commiphora mukul). This resin is extracted from a small tree of the Burseraceae family, which grows in India and Pakistan. The gugulwidely used in Ayurvedic medicine, normalizes blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
  • Seed of canaryseed (Phalaris canariensis). The canaryseedThe Mediterranean plant has become popular in recent years due to the benefits that its seed has on human nutrition. The diet of the canaryseed is gaining more and more followers. This cereal is also used in the production of milk from canaryseeda source of calcium and protein.
  • Policosanol sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum). Originally researched and developed in Cuba, this natural product is currently used in most Latin American countries.
  • The artichoke (Cynara scolymus) and the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) are purifying medicinal plants. Traditionally, artichoke has been used to rebalance liver and digestive disorders. Dandelion, as a diuretic, facilitates the elimination of toxins and other metabolic rejection products.

Taking one capsule daily of Policol OneThe benefits described above are obtained when accompanied by a glass of water. It is preferable to ingest this supplement during the evening meal. You will find more information about Policol One on the web.

[resum] [resumPolicol One, Plameca's new food supplement, has a triple action: it maintains normal cholesterol levels, protects the heart and liver, and eliminates toxins harmful to the body.[/resume]