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All that Aloe Verum can do for you

Aloe is a must, an essential to always have on hand. Do you need to take care of your skin after a [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

Policol One: Say goodbye to cholesterol and keep your liver and heart in good shape!

It keeps cholesterol levels at bay, protects the heart and liver, and purifies the body of toxins. All [...]

Digestive / Hepatic

We celebrate the anniversary of Resolutivo Regium!

The Regium Resolutive food supplement has been on the market for more than 90 years. The 1927 was the beginning of the [...]

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Quality of life

With Ber-Detox, toxins are out!

Our organism accumulates toxins either due to external factors that do not depend on us or as a result of our [...]

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Foods low in histamine

Many people are intolerant to histamine, a chemical compound that we all have in our bodies and that acts as a [...]

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Digestíssimoh, it will help you to make a better digestion.

How often do we feel heavy after eating? Many times. There are many times when we find ourselves bloated, even with pain [...]

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Digestive / Hepatic

Digestive enzymes: What are they? What are they for? How to ingest them?

Digestive enzymes are molecules created by our body that are responsible for breaking down the polymers present in food [...]

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Celebrities rely on the properties of aloe vera

Taking care of yourself in a natural way is the order of the day. The ecological, sustainable and responsible trend is a fact, and [...]


Plameca's food supplements in "Piérdete y disfruta" of Gestiona Radio

J.M. Llabrés, Plameca's technical director, recently attended the radio program "Piérdete y disfruta" (Get lost and enjoy), directed and presented by the [...]

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Ysihay® gluten, it will make your life and your food happier!

At the beginning of the year, Plameca launched a new food supplement intended for non-celiac gluten-sensitive people: Ysihay® Gluten, [...]

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Your 5 allies during the vacation season

The vacations are just around the corner. Our time to recharge our batteries, rest and enjoy has come and [...]

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Improved protein degradation with Ysihay® gluten

A few months ago we presented the product Ysihay® gluten, a food supplement based on digestive enzymes that provoke a breakdown of the [...]

Digestive / Hepatic

Experts in unpasteurized drinkable aloe

In 1864, Louis Pasteur carried out, for the first time in history, a process by which he subjected a [...]


Ysihay® Gluten, take it with you for what you can eat

Ysihay® Gluten is a food supplement based on digestive enzymes that will help you to break down gluten proteins and [...]

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NEW LAUNCH: Ysihay® Gluten 🌾

Plameca launches Ysihay® Gluten, a food supplement based on digestive enzymes that achieve a very rapid breakdown of the gluten bonds [...]

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Aloe Verum Premium, an aloe vera juice with quality seal of approval

At Plameca we are in luck! Our Aloe Verum Premium has obtained the certification of the International Aloe Science Council (IASC), an organization that [...]

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Aloe Verum Bio, a European benchmark

We want to share with you some great news! At Plameca we have launched Aloe Verum Bio, a food supplement that is a continental reference, [...]

NASA recommends the ALOE BANNER
Digestive / Hepatic

Aloe vera: from Aristotle to NASA

In nature you will rarely find a medicinal plant with as many properties as aloe vera. One of the fastest ways [...]