Your 5 allies during the vacation season

The vacations are just around the corner. Our time to recharge batteries, rest and enjoy has come and it is very important that body, mind and organism are equally relaxed.

This desired time of the year brings with it effects to our organism that we must consider. The sudden change of routine, the disorder of schedules both for food and rest, the high temperatures and the increased exposure to the sun make our body is altered.

To help our body adapt and continue to function smoothly, here are 5 Plameca food supplements that are ideal for this time of year: Melanoctin, Venalight, Aloe Verum, Ysihay Gluten y Esencialis.


The disorder of schedules and food, the fact of not sleeping in our bed, the Jet Lag, etc. can cause problems when it comes to falling asleep during the vacation season. To reduce the time needed to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep, we recommend Melanoctin, a dietary supplement that will help us to rest easy.


High temperatures and dehydration can cause our circulation to be altered and consequently our legs feel heavy and swollen. For Improve circulation and have lighter legs.Venalight is the perfect treatment, based on dry extract of red vine, horse chestnut, bruscus and witch hazel, traditionally used for venous wellness.

Aloe Verum Topicum

The increased exposure to the sun and poor protection, often causes our skin to suffer from sunburn. Aloe Verum Topicum is the perfect ally for a rapid skin recoveryIt is a perfect moisturizing, regenerating and healing agent.

It contains the properties of aloe vera and rosehip, which moisturize and regenerate the skin.

Ysihay® gluten

During the vacation season we get carried away, rules do not exist and as a result we tend to lose control of what we eat. If we notice that we have heavy digestion or notice that gluten does not agree with us (non-celiac), Ysihay® gluten is our ally, so we can eat.


And if your intestines feel resentfulIf you suffer from diarrhea and discomfort as a result of the change in diet and routine, count on Esencialis.

Contains calcium and contributes to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes, in case of food intolerances of non-genetic origin.


With Plameca, Happy Holidays!