Experts in unpasteurized drinkable aloe

In 1864, Louis Pasteur carried out for the first time in history a process by which he subjected a liquid to high temperatures to eliminate part of its possible pathogens. Although at the time the pasteurization improved in the field of food preservation, it is nowadays an important criticized by a growing number of experts and consumer associations because it can modify the taste and quality of food.

In the case of the aloe veratraditionally used for the maintenance of the gastrointestinal health and in fatigue situationsIn order to avoid altering its natural properties, it is crucial to avoid altering its natural properties. For this reason, Plameca's R&D department has developed and patented a technology that guarantees the microbiological suitability of Unpasteurized Aloe Verum. By using a cold process technology, the plant maintains all its physical, chemical and organoleptic qualities.



Drinkable Aloe Aloe Verum

  • Aloe Verum PremiumOur most premium juice, with the highest concentration of polysaccharides and aloverose and all the pulp of the fresh plant. The Aloe Verum Premium is IASC certified. Each bottle is unique with its numbering and vintage identification.
  • Aloe Verum BioOur organic juice. The first Bio unpasteurized certified by the Community of Castilla y León as an organic product 100%. Handmade, exclusively from the inner gel of fresh leaves.


All of our Aloe Verum products are a benchmark for European quality guaranteed by its source, proximity, purity y quality.