This summer, Plan 21 and... have a body that doesn't even paint!

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Do you know our Plan 21 weight control line? Make it your best ally this summer.

The Plan 21 range

Plameca Plan 21 is developed by expert nutritionists and pharmacists to meet the different needs of people who want to reach the summer more satisfied.

The line is composed of 11 food supplements to suit every need and lifestyle.

On the one hand, we have Plan Choque Dúoa shock plan for the beginning of the challenge or in periods of stagnation. It combines two formats: a syrup with soluble fiber, garcinia cambogia and coleus forskohlii, which promote normal weight maintenance, as well as rhodiola rosea, which promotes normal maintenance of the nervous system. And vegetable capsules with probiotics, saffron and chromium.

On the other hand, there are the syrups, Plan DiuDre 40+ y Plan DiuDre Plusall of them with plant extracts that help during the weight control plan. Plan DiuDre 40+ is indicated for women over 40 years of age, as it contains sage, which helps maintain normal sweating, as well as orthosiphon and flax, which help maintain normal weight. And Plan DiuDre Plus is recommended for when you want to help maintain your weight in several ways at the same time (it contains artichoke and red vine, which promote normal weight maintenance).

We also have at your disposal the syrup Plan DiuDrewith artichoke, horsetail and red vine, as well as stevia.

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This summer, Plan 21 and... have a great body! 3

Take Plan Garcinia Activ o Plan Garcinia Activ 40+ when you want to achieve your goals more easily and get more out of yourself. The first one, Garcinia Activ Plan has garcinia cambogia and orthosiphon, which promote normal weight maintenance, as well as chromium, which contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism. On the other hand, Plan Garcinia Activ 40+ is indicated for women over 40 years of age because, in addition to garcinia cambogia, it contains flax, which contributes to the general well-being of women during and after menopause.

And finally the 5 specific ones:

  • Plan Volum Activwith green coffee.
  • Plan Sin Activwhich helps to activate your metabolism without effort, since it contains guarana, which favors the normal maintenance of weight and metabolism.
  • Plan Vientre Activa specific plan for your belly, thanks to black pepper, which helps maintain digestive health.
  • Plan Excesosfor when you are going to stop by.
  • Celul Out Plan!for a more beautiful and smoother skin, thanks to centella asiatica, which promotes the maintenance of skin health. And with guarana, which promotes normal weight maintenance.

Recommendations for use

You can combine the complements of the Plan 21 line with each other to cover all your needs.

  • To start the weight control plan, we recommend taking Plan Choque Dúo with Kitansia or Calmacarum Forte.
  • For fluids and metabolism, combine DiuDre Plus Plan with Garcinia Activ Plan and Sin Activ Plan.
  • For liquids over 40, take Plan DiuDre 40+ and Plan Garcinia Activ 40+.
  • Liquids and belly, we recommend DiuDre Plan/DiuDre 40+ Plan/DiuDre Plus Plan (according to need) together with Activ Belly Plan.
  • For liquids, skin, combine Plan DiuDre/Plan DiuDre 40+ with Plan Celul Out! or Plan DiuDre Plus with Plan Volum Activ and Plan Celul Out!
  • If you are following a Plan 21 and you are going to have a larger meal than usual, also take the Excess Plan.
  • Finally, you can combine all the recommendations with Ber-Detox, for a healthy liver thanks to choline, which contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.

Per Diem service

Plameca offers you a personalized diet service, in which professionals in nutrition and dietetics will give you the best advice adapted to your needs, preparing a customized plan that will include a healthy diet, varied and adapted to your rhythm of life, healthy habits, and with the support of the food supplements of the Plan 21 range.

Find your center with per diem service Plan 21 and let the challenge begin!