Healthy recipes

broccoli and avocado salad with eggs
Healthy recipes

How to make broccoli and avocado salad with eggs

A broccoli and avocado salad with egg? Yes, yes, you read that right. Because at Plameca we believe that a salad [...]

BLOG lentils recipe
Healthy recipes

Crispy baked lentils recipe: rediscover this legume

This summer we invite you to rediscover lentils with this recipe of crispy baked lentils. It is very easy and [...]

quinoa poached egg recipe BLOG
Healthy recipes

Recipe of quinoa bowl, vegetables with seitan and poached egg

Quinoa is still a great unknown for many, who do not dare to introduce it in their recipes. Today we [...]

recipebrownie blog2
Healthy recipes

Pumpkin brownie recipe

A pumpkin brownie? Yes, just as you read it. This dessert allows a multitude of versions, changing some traditional ingredients [...]

salmonconcostradefrutossecos BLOG
Healthy recipes

Salmon with dried fruit crust

In this recipe we show you how to prepare salmon with a nut crust. You will see that besides being simple, it is [...]

pandelino BLOG
Healthy recipes

How to make flax bread

There are a thousand and one different ways to make bread, and a thousand different types of bread. One of these recipes is not very [...]

batidonueces BLOG
Healthy recipes

Nut Milkshake Recipe

With the warmer season just around the corner, it's time to look for simple recipes that will serve as a [...]

salsacoreana BLOG
Healthy recipes

How to prepare Korean sauce

Sometimes reinventing a dish is as simple as changing its sauce, so today we bring you the recipe for a new [...]

vichyssoiseocremadepuerro BLOG
Healthy recipes

Vichyssoise or cream of leek soup

Known worldwide, vichyssoise or cream of leek soup is tasty, easy to prepare and very nutritious. We will show you how to prepare it [...]

sopapepino BLOG
Healthy recipes

Cucumber soup recipe

Good weather is coming and, with it, cold soups and cucumbers at their best. That is why it is [...]

mayonnaise BLOG
Healthy recipes

How to prepare homemade mayonnaise

We explain how to prepare homemade mayonnaise to make your dishes tastier and healthier by substituting industrial mayonnaise and [...]

palometaygamonensalsa BLOG
Healthy recipes

Palometa and shrimp in sauce

The palometa and shrimp in sauce is a delicious recipe elaborated with a fish as humble as the palometa, [...]

frituradepescado BLOG
Healthy recipes

Fish and seafood fry with asparagus salad

We explain step by step how to prepare a fish and seafood frying dish to be served with a salad [...].

baked eggs on avocado and goat BLOG
Healthy recipes

Baked eggs over avocado and goat cheese

Want to learn how to prepare baked eggs over avocado and goat cheese? Keep reading... Whether the lack of [...]

huevosrellenoscarneyquesogratinado BLOG
Healthy recipes

Eggs stuffed with meat and gratin cheese

The meat deviled eggs with gratin cheese not only please young and old, but you can also serve them both in a [...]

smoothiegenjibre BLOG
Healthy recipes

Ginger Smoothie

Learn how to prepare a dairy-free, vegan ginger smoothie made with coconut milk. It's simple, it's [...]

salsabearnesa BLOG
Healthy recipes

Béarnaise sauce recipe

Learn how to prepare Béarnaise sauce to accompany your grilled recipes, we teach you how to make it! Béarnaise sauce is [...]

turbotconsalsahollandaise BLOG
Healthy recipes

Turbot with hollandaise sauce

Today we show you how to prepare turbot with hollandaise sauce, an easy-to-make delicacy with which you will enjoy this delicious [...] [...