Luis Miguel Padrino, a self-made champion

"What I like most about swimming is the feeling of freedom the water gives me."


Today we introduce you to Luis Miguel Padrino Vallejoa outstanding master swimmer of the Malvar Swimming Clubwho we are proud to sponsor from Plameca. Born on October 13, 1974, he started swimming at the age of 10. "I started competing on the recommendation of my coaches as they saw that I had the qualities for it," he explains. In the last few years he has not stopped winning titles and medals, becoming one of the most outstanding competitors at the European and even worldwide master level. 

At July 2014 participated in the European Police and Firefighters Europolybin Brussels. He assures that it was one of the most special and emotional moments of his career as an athlete. "I won four medals after a long time without competing at the international level, and above all it was special because my wife and children were there," Padrino recalls. He won the gold medal in the 100-meter butterflythat of silver in 100 meters freestyle, and two bronzesin 50-meter butterfly and 50-meter freestyle. That same year, in the trophy Real Canoe held in Madrid was first in 50 meter freestyle, y second in 50 meters butterfly.

Thanks to its good results, in 2015 qualified for the world police and firefighter championships "World Police and Fire Games"held in the United Stateswhich brought together more than 12,000 competitors from 70 countries. Padrino won the bronze medal in the 100-meter freestyle, and also placed fourth in the 100-meter butterfly, fifth in the 50-meter freestyle, sixth in the 200-meter freestyle and sixth in the 50-meter butterfly.

That same year participated in the Spanish Master Championship, in Zaragoza, where he got a silver medal in 200 meters butterfly, and bronze in 100 meters freestyle. It was also proclaimed champion in 400 meters freestyle and 200 meters butterfly in the Madrid Open Master ChampionshipHe also won the silver medal in the 100-meter butterfly and the 200-meter breaststroke. In the Community of Madrid Spring Trophydisputed in Alcalá de Henares, came in first place in the 100-meter freestyle.

In 2016 Luis Miguel is back with some spectacular results in the European Police and Firefighters. This competition took place in Huelva y brought together more than 5,000 athletes. Padrino managed to win a total of 9 medals: five gold, three silver and one bronze.


"My next great challenge will be to go to the World Police and Firefighters to be held this 2017, in Los Angeles (United States)"he says. Undoubtedly, Luis Miguel Padrino is a true example of perseverance, effort and spirit of self-improvement.


Do you want to know more about this athlete, who we support from Plameca? Do not miss the following interview:

– What do you like most about swimming?

- The feeling of freedom that the water gives me and feeling how it is part of me.

– What have you learned from competing at a high level that you also apply in other moments or facets of your life?

- Humility, hard work and perseverance.

Is there a thought or person that inspires you and keeps you going when your strength seems to run out?

- What inspires me most when my strength fails is to think of my wife and my children, who are my driving force in this life. Of course, there are also great references in swimming such as Michael Phelps or Evgenny Korotyshkin, Olympic medalist at the London 2012 Olympic Games, with whom I have had the pleasure of coinciding in some competitions.

– Do you use any natural product (vitamin supplement, infusion...) that helps you to be at 100%?

- To support the heavy training load, I use every day Curarti Selectium y Curarti Forte of Plameca. For any athlete it is an ideal supplement, which apart from keeping your joints at one hundred percent helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. And for days a little complicated I rely on Curarti Attack.