Digestíssimoh, it will help you to make a better digestion.

How often do we feel heavy after eating? A lot. There are many times when we find ourselves bloated, even with tummy aches after lunch or dinner.

Digestion is a metabolic process, which is responsible for transforming food into small particles to be absorbed by the blood to provide the energy needed to live. Being a necessary and important process in our body, we must try to take care of our digestive system, which is in charge of this transformation.

Thus, Plameca launches a new product, the new product, Digestíssimoh!that will help you to solve that heaviness that you suffer after a meal. Many times, it is not only the food we eat that has an influence, but also the way we eat it. We live with a lot of stress, we have many things to do and we dedicate as little time as possible to food. And all this has a great influence on our digestion.

Digestíssimoh! en the ideal complement is the ideal complement for main meals, whose main objective is to make digestion easier and to allow you to enjoy your meals. It contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, medicinal plants and basic salts to protect the entire gastrointestinal tract.

What are its properties?

  • Digestive enzymes; contains two types of enzymes (proteases and fermented rice starch), which help break down food substances to improve their absorption, as well as cellulose, lactose or lipids. Contains 300 GDUs, i.e. protein digestion units.
  • Marine Coral; these are basic salts with a high calcium and magnesium content that help to reduce and eliminate these symptoms of acidity.
  • Ginger; is a plant widely used therapeutically as a digestion stimulant and carminative. It helps you digest faster because of the active ingredients of the rhizome.
  • Probiotics; different species of bacteria that help regulate the intestinal flora.

Instructions for use

The container contains 30 capsules. One capsule should be taken after the main meals with a glass of water. The main symptoms are heartburn, dyspepsia, bloating and heavy digestions.

Of course, do not hesitate to consult a professional, but Digestíssimoh! will help you enjoy your meals.