Digestive / Hepatic

We celebrate the anniversary of Resolutivo Regium!

The Regium Resolutive food supplement has been on the market for more than 90 years. The 1927 was the beginning of the [...]

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With Ber-Detox, toxins are out!

Our organism accumulates toxins either due to external factors that do not depend on us or as a result of our [...]


Aloe Verum Premium, 10 years with you

It has been 10 years since the launch of our drinkable aloe vera and one of the highest quality aloe vera in [...]

Healthy Indications

5 superfoods to combat colds

With the arrival of cold weather, closed environments with heating and poor ventilation are a breeding ground for viruses and microbes [...]

Heart / Cholesterol

Recipe: Salmon rolls

Salmon is a source of good fats, proteins and is rich in Omega 3 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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4 basic products for a good autumn

Autumn affects us on many levels, in terms of energy, we are more tired and the well-known autumn asthenia appears. [...]

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4 steps to improve your brain performance

Have you ever wondered how to exercise your mind? Or even, have you felt very tired psychologically, whether it's [...]

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Mindfulness: Living in the present

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why did I react like that? Or even said to yourself in front of the mirror: "I should have reacted [...]

Healthy Indications

Homemade face masks to prepare your skin for summer

The good weather arrives and your face is more and more exposed to the sun's rays. The sun is good, but [...]

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Digestíssimoh, it will help you to make a better digestion.

How often do we feel heavy after eating? Many times. There are many times when we find ourselves bloated, even with pain [...]

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Recipe for quinoa salad with kale

Every day we worry more and more about our food and that of our family members, since there are many problems of [...]

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6 steps to better sleep

Researchers constantly warn of the importance of respecting the hours of sleep. There are numerous disorders that can be [...]

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Achieving a total and balanced harmony between body and mind has extraordinary benefits for our health, both physical and mental.

States of mind

It's Xmas! Plameca's Christmas playlist.

Colored lights, gifts, decorated and illuminated trees, family, friends, magic, illusion... Christmas is here! Plameca has [...]

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Melanoctina, dream all night long and rest!

Sleeping without rest alters our daily life and our organism. Sleep problems and insufficient sleep can lead to [...]

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Celebrities rely on the properties of aloe vera

Taking care of yourself in a natural way is the order of the day. The ecological, sustainable and responsible trend is a fact, and [...]

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Relaxing music for days of couch and blanket! Plameca's playlist.

The cold has arrived and the days are getting shorter and shorter. At this time of the year, we feel like [...]


In autumn, keep propolis handy!

In autumn, one of the best natural allies is propolis. Propolis, also known as propolis, is a substance manufactured by [...]