Mindfulness: Living in the present

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why did I react this way? Or even say to yourself in front of the mirror: "I should have reacted differently". An uncomfortable situation that can make you feel bad. To control all these moments and not let ourselves be carried away by the involuntary, it is necessary to work MINDFULNESS.



What is mindfulness?


The literal translation of the word is "full mind", that is, full consciousness. Mindfulness is the ability of human beings to control their consciousness. The power to live in the present and be aware of the things you do. It allows you to recognize what is happening while it is happening, accepting the experience as it is.


Why should we work on mindfulness?


If we realize it, many times we do things automatically. Our consciousness acts involuntarily, but while it is thinking about something else. It is a mechanical action of the human being. Therefore, mindfulness work, is to be in the present moment at the same time as the conscious.


The reason why we have to practice it is because it helps us to recover our internal balance. In this way, it allows us to have a greater knowledge of the integral aspects of the human body; as well as the mind, body and spirit.


The main advantage of putting it into practice is to know yourself better and above all to accept yourself as you are. It is a work of self-awareness, because it is the only moment in which your whole body is connected, performing its own functions, but with the same objective. Really, what we have to do is to enjoy every moment of the day with the people around us, friends and family, because if we enjoy them too.



It is a very good activity for people suffering from an illness. In this way, they forget about the symptoms and all they can think about is enjoying the present moments.




From now on, we all have to live in the present. Try to do it every day, from the moment we wake up, because today we are here, but tomorrow we do not know where we will be. Therefore, mindfulness will help you feel better and enjoy your experiences more.