4 steps to improve your brain performance

Have you ever wondered how to exercise your mind? Or even, have you felt very tired psychologically, either by studies, work or problems that worry you too much. It is an uncomfortable and difficult feeling to deal with. Because as it is always said, the brain can become the enemy of man.

The brain is one of the most important muscles in the human body, because it makes most of the decisions. It is able to give us all the indications and guide our body.

Just as we are concerned about having a good physical appearance, we should also be concerned about keeping our mind in shape. We should also be concerned about keeping our mind in shape. Just as we go to the gym to lose weight and burn calories, in the same way we have to do a series of steps and procedures to strengthen our mind.

Steps to a fit brain:

  1. Exercise: Your body and mind need exercise. This does not consist in doing calculations, but in doing physical exercise. Going for a walk before a test or exam allows you to retain more information and process it better. Thus, it is advisable to walk at least 30 minutes a day, so that your mind is free and stop thinking about one thing. It relaxes and is carried away by your knowledge, allowing you to acquire more information at another time.


  1. Take care of your diet: your brain needs certain vitamins acquired from food. The Mediterranean diet is the most recommended as it is rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and olive oil. According to medical studies, it has been shown that following the Mediterranean diet improves brain function in older people.


  1. Learn a new language: The brain needs to learn new things to renew itself. Thus, learning a new language improves the brain's elasticity and ability to encode information.


  1. Mental exercises: To strengthen a body muscle, specific exercises are performed, the same for the brain. It is convenient to do from time to time a word search, memorization exercises, calculations ... All this allows to improve the speed of action of the brain. It is recommended especially for older people, to obtain a greater vitality.

Why should the mind be exercised?

Today, we live in a very routine society. Everything is routine, so the brain gets used to it. Actually the objective of these steps is to break the pre-established schemes that force us to think in a new way.

Older people are the ones who suffer most from this problem and know how to exercise it, but it is advisable to start doing it with the youngest children to improve their education and cognitive growth.