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5 Benefits of sweet potatoes for health

We present the sweet potato, the main tuber of autumn Learn how to add this healthy tuber to your dishes [...]

Quality of life

4 steps to improve your brain performance

Have you ever wondered how to exercise your mind? Or even, have you felt very tired psychologically, whether it's [...]

Quality of life


Achieving a total and balanced harmony between body and mind has extraordinary benefits for our health, both physical and mental.


Curarti® Colagtium, the collagen capsule recommended by Fernando Belasteguin

Curarti® Colagtium is the new product in Plameca's Curarti range, which is presented as the collagen capsule that [...]


Luis Miguel Padrino, Plameca's Curarti® champion

At Plameca we like to support sports talents, and from the Curarti® osteoarticular line we sponsor important sportsmen and [...]

Quality of life

Good resolutions to start the year

At the beginning of the year it is common to want to introduce changes that bring us greater well-being. There are good resolutions related to [...]

Quality of life

Carolina Cerezuela: "Sleeping and feeling good on the inside is what you see on the outside".

Carolina Cerezuela is a multifaceted woman: model, actress, television presenter, wife and mother of three children, and now also a [...]

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How does the couple from Ocho apellidos vascos take care of themselves?

Dani Rovira and Clara Lago. His life was transformed from May 14, 2014, the date of the premiere of [...]