Carolina Cerezuela: "Sleeping and feeling good on the inside is what you see on the outside".

Carolina Cerezuela is a multifaceted woman: model, actress, television presenter, wife and mother of three children, and now also a singer. She is currently in the midst of promoting her album Caramel Apple (Sony Music), which has recorded with the Majorcan singer-songwriter Jaime Anglada. The Total Health magazine has interviewed Carolina Cerezuela and we thought it would be interesting to share what the actress does to achieve her well-being.

Carolina Cerezuela (36 years old) has never been on a specific weight loss diet and eats everything. What she does do is compensate. If she overdoes it at midday, she eats a light dinner, and the other way around: if she expects to have more for dinner, she eats a salad with grilled chicken for lunch. He likes to eat a strong breakfast to last until lunchtime, whether it is at one or three o'clock. She usually has nuts and a two egg white omelet with ham and cheese for breakfast. He accompanies it with orange juice and coffee.

He confesses that he takes a lot of nutritional supplements. Among them he cites evening primrose oil, omega-3, reishi and spirulina algae. Although it is not a supplement, he also drinks natural ginger infusions. But her secret to be radiant is sleep. He assures that "sleeping and feeling good on the inside is what you see on the outside".

Being married to the former professional tennis player Carlos Moyàphysical exercise has become one of his favorite activities. healthy habits fundamental. She is disciplined and practices sports whenever circumstances allow her to do so. In summer, she likes "swimming, cycling or canoeing with the children, playing paddle tennis, surfing" or simply walking along the beaches of Mallorca, where the Moyà Cerezuela family lives. In winter he goes to the gym and plays paddle tennis.

To enjoy the free timeboth at Carolina Cerezuela as a Carlos Moyà They like to be at home, away from the spotlight, enjoying their two daughters and a son (ages 2, 3 and 5) or with friends. He acknowledges that they are "homebodies." She and he are equally involved in raising the children and, logistically, they have the help of a service person at home. They have always been concerned that the children grow up with emotional attachment to family and siblings. They let them know that they should never feel alone and that, despite the couple's many trips, there is always one of them to pick them up after school. They try not to instill anything in them or sign them up for any extracurricular activity, if they do not ask for it. Of course, from a very young age they teach them to eat everything and to have a healthy diet.