How does the couple from Ocho apellidos vascos take care of themselves?

Dani Rovira y Clara Lago. His life was transformed as of May 14, 2014, the date of the premiere of Eight Basque surnamesthe highest-grossing film of our cinema (56.2 million euros grossed in 2014). Dani Rovira was the beginning of his career as a comedian and that film made him the best newcomer in Spanish cinema. The longest career of Clara Lago as an actress had the definitive takeoff. What also happened is that this crazy love story between Rafa y Amaia was also consolidated outside of the sets filming. The couple is now living the best moment of their careers, enjoying the success of Eight Catalan surnamesreleased a few months ago. He has also been the presenter of the last Goya Awards gala. But how do the fashionable couple of Spanish cinema take care of themselves? Do they do it together or separately?

A Dani Rovira likes to play sports. When time permits, he plays paddle tennis, plays soccer goalie, goes rock climbing and rides his mountain bike. He also does suspension training at home and, if he has to travel, he takes the TXR with him in his suitcase. Dani Rovira also practice the running and has run in more than one solidarity marathon.

Clara Lago is a staunch advocate of the Mediterranean diet. She likes to eat salads and grilled meat and fish, although she acknowledges that the lose ice cream. There are times when Clara Lago is a regular at the gym and there are others who don't even go there. That's why she needs people to motivate her, like her toning class instructor or her brother, who runs a pilates center. She also enjoys therapeutic massages to relieve contractures and pain. stress.

As a Dani Rovira, a Clara Lago also likes the running. Sometimes the three of them go for a run: he, she and Buyo, Dani's dog. He's named the dog after a soccer goalkeeper! Comic stuff!