Curarti Selectium ON COVER!

You can now buy the Total Health magazinein which our product Curarti Selectium appears on the cover.

In addition to this, our Curarti Selectium is inside the magazine, with a double-page story in which we introduced Plameca, we explain why our product is the best on the market and we remind you that through our web site you can find the stores to buy it.

In addition, we want to share Plameca's most supportive side with the new sponsorship of the Egoísmo Positivo's social integration project linked to our product and to the world of running.

Will go on sale 40,000 copies of the paper edition of the magazine, but you can find on the magazine's website all the contents of the report and different banners both to obtain +info about the product and to locate what store is closer.