the normal formation of collagen

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Brewer's yeast and 7 other foods to prevent hair loss

At Plameca we have spent the whole month giving you tips on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to avoid the fall of the [...]

Women's line

VERISOL® Collagen, a natural ally for slowing skin aging

Several clinical studies have shown that VERISOL® Collagen rapidly delays the general signs of skin aging. Would you like to remove [...]

Women's line

DonnaBella® Hair, Skin and Nails

Now you know DonnaBella®, a brand inspired by you: your feminine personality, your natural beauty, determination and positive spirit. [...]


Curarti Selectium ON COVER!

You can now buy the Salud Total magazine, in which our product Curarti Selectium appears on the cover. In addition to this, [...]


Curarti Selectium, tested by triathlete Rodrigo Borrego Morath

When Plameca began to research and develop Curarti Selectium, we already had an intuition that with this food supplement we could reach the [...]



We have just launched on the market the new product CURARTI SELECTIUM, an innovative formula to keep joints, muscles and bones in optimal condition, [...]


Curarti Selectium: for competition joints

At Plameca we have developed Curarti Selectium, an innovative formula to keep joints, muscles and bones in optimal condition. Curarti [...]