Curarti Selectium: for competition joints

At Plameca we have developed Curarti Selectiuman innovative formula for keeping joints, muscles and bones in optimal condition.

Curarti Selectium is composed of 6 ingredients, 3 of which have their own clinical studies:

  • CURARTI® COMPLEXED CURCUMIN CURARTI® COMPLEXED CURCUMINThe "star" ingredient of the Curarti® line, also present in the other products of the line, with more than seven years of presence in the market and its own studies.
  • FORTIGEL® ENZYMATICALLY HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN. Contains proteins that contribute to maintain muscle mass and bones in normal conditions. FORTIGEL®. is the only collagen on the market recognized by the KIEL COLLAGEN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (Germany) and with its own clinical studies on its effect on cartilage.
  • RESVERATROL EVOLVA ®obtained by a unique and patented fermentation process that guarantees its high quality and purity (superior to 98%). Also with its own clinical studies and free of pesticides.
  • HYALURONIC ACIDsynovial fluid present in the joint, responsible for the transport of nutrients to the joint, is one of the components of cartilage.
  • MAGNESIUMMineral that helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • VITAMIN C: vitamin with beneficial effects on joint and skin health.


Unlike other products, the Curarti Selectium has a neutral taste and odor, without sweeteners, flavorings or colorings (fish-free). Curarti Selectium is ideal food supplement for all those who wish to have a joint in optimal conditions. We are so convinced of its benefits that we have prepared a surprise for you... Stay tuned to our website and social networks!