Vacations: time to disconnect and reconnect

With the arrival of the vacationsThe rush is over. It's time to disconnect from many of the obligations, routines and chores of everyday life. It is time to rest, relax, travel, spend quality time with the family and recover those forgotten hobbies (reading, writing, painting...). What are yours?

One of the most popular destinations are the vacations at the beachwhich brings many benefits for your well-being and beauty. Etymologically, the word thalassotherapy comes from the Greek: "thalasso" means "sea" and "therapeia" means "treatment". The simple sea breeze helps to eliminate mucus and to breathe better. The sun gives us energy, improves our mood and strengthens our immune system. Sunbathing in moderation and with the necessary protection facilitates the synthesis of vitamin D, essential for the absorption of calcium, an essential element for maintaining bone health. Tanned skin increases our self-esteem and confidence.

Sea water itself is a source of health. A bath in the sea water can be relaxing. The movement of the waves and their pressure favor the blood circulation. The saltpeter, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients in the water oxygenate the skin, hydrate it and stimulate cell regeneration. The sand from the beach helps eliminate dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin smoother and softer.

But the sun and the heat are enemies of people with blood circulation problems in the legs (varicose veins, feeling of tired legs, tingling, fluid retention...). In such a case, warm or cold mountain weather will suit you better. Perhaps the vacations in the mountainsaway from overcrowded tourist destinations, also contribute to greater relaxation and sleep betterAnd don't forget contact with nature: walking barefoot on the grass, bathing in the cold waters of rivers, drinking water from natural springs... An activity as simple as contemplating the landscape in silence for a few minutes brings peace to your mind.

At vacations we also have more time to practice sports: we have more time to practice the running It is always better to prioritize those activities that can be done as a family: decide which excursions to do, plan the routes and turn these outings into enriching experiences thanks to the contact with nature and family togetherness.

Reconnecting with yourself is equally important. What do you most look forward to doing when you have time for yourself? What activities have you enjoyed doing again? The challenge is to become aware of this and, when you return to your day-to-day life, to lengthen the time you have for yourself. vacations year-round, if possible, setting aside some time each week for these activities. hobbiesfor what you really like. You will have ended up with the feeling that the vacations have been too littleDo you accept the challenge?