Dr. José Durán: "A sedentary lifestyle is today's number one evil".

The doctor José Durán FloritHe has spent most of his professional career as a family physician in the Social Security. He currently combines his private practice of general medicine with the activity of medical advisor to the SuanFarma Groupto which it belongs Plameca. To get to know Dr. Durán better, we talked to him about the importance of taking time to take care of ourselves.

­-We are aware that the answer can be very long, but tell us just three healthy habits that help us to live better.

-A proper nutritionrest and physical exercise are fundamental for our daily life. Talking about a good diet would be very long. As for the restI will say that it is necessary to sleep 8 hours not only to avoid fatigue but also because, throughout the day, our nervous system becomes disordered. Cell phones and tablets make life a lot easier for us, but they have us hooked and that generates a stress that can cause a decrease in defenses. And in relation to the exerciseWe should be aware that it is important to be physically active even if we do not feel like it.

-Sometimes it's not lack of desire, it's lack of time.

-We must force ourselves to exercise: practice some sport or at least go for a walk. The sedentary lifestyle is today's number one disease. If we exercise regularly, we regulate our weight; we fix sugar where it needs to be and, therefore, reduce the risk of diabetes; and we help blood circulation to be optimal, preventing cholesterol and hypertension problems.

-We live in a society of haste and stress: home, children, work, care for the elderly, thousands of responsibilities... The feeling is that we don't get to everything. What do you do to break out of this chaotic spiral?

-It is necessary to optimize time in order to dedicate it to what we have to do at any given moment. When you perform a task, you must concentrate only on that task for optimal performance. And, after an intense activity, the mind must rest. What is happening now, with the system we have created, is that many people need to work more to make ends meet. That has repercussions at the family level. You see the kids at 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock at night still out on the street. I'm sure that leads to disruptions in meal times, poor rest and nervousness. It is important to set limits and know how to say "no" when necessary.

-What remedies do you consider to be essential in a natural medicine cabinet?

-Today, medicine is interested in the effects that gut bacteria have on our health. The repercussions range from digestive disorders to mood. I take yogurt to regulate those bacteria. And, as for medicinal plants, there are many: artichoke, dandelion and milk thistle, with a depurative action; passionflower and valerian, with a sedative action; ginseng, as a stimulant?

-And what is your favorite medicinal plant?

-I recommend the aloe veraWho has never suffered from heartburn or acidity?

-Give us some tips for a healthy vacation and to recharge your batteries.

-Many times on vacation we do just the opposite of what we want to do, because we adapt to the interests of the different members of the family. We go on long trips, visit monuments, carry suitcases, spend a lot of money... and come back tired. Maybe what we need is to look for the countryside or the beach, without going too far away. We have to let ourselves be carried away by what our body asks us: maybe it asks us to lie down in the shade of a tree to read.