Elsa Pataky: diet, exercise and motivation

The actress Elsa Pataky she has an enviable figure. Mother of three children -a little girl and two twins- and 39 years old, she has become a guru in her own right. healthy. In the book Max Intensitythe company's own Elsa Pataky and his personal trainer Fernando Sartorius, explain their exercise routines and the secrets of their diet. The play is conceived as a challenge to get in shape in 90 days, but the ultimate goal is not that, but rather to acquire healthy lifestyle habits. Surely you are not an actress or a model and you don't need to follow the discipline of Elsa Pataky but you can incorporate some good habits into your day-to-day life.

Elsa Pataky's diet

Elsa Pataky She assures that "you have to eat everything, but in moderation". Thus, neither carbohydrates in general nor bread in particular are forbidden in her diet. However, we all know which are the forbidden foods that we sometimes have at home with the excuse of being able to offer them to a guest. "It is necessary to banish all that from the pantry," says the actress. In addition, she always opts for natural products and avoids processed food.

Elsa Pataky eats little, but she eats five times a day. This is the way to feel satiated throughout the day. Eat dinner early (before 8:00 p.m., because after that time the excesses begin) and light. This makes it easier to rest at night. The model advises not to become obsessed with calories ("they are only numbers") and to introduce changes gradually so as not to relapse. A first change could be to restrict liquid calories: what does a soft drink give you?

And there will always be a day when you're going to fail and feel like skipping the diet, but that doesn't mean you're going to give up everything you've achieved! She has planned the cheating dayOne day a week I treat myself to that tub of ice cream or that slice of pizza I've been dreaming about. It's not a routine, it's a reward," says the actress.

Physical exercise

To begin with, we will say that Elsa Pataky has been doing sit-ups since she was 17 years old. So, not everything can be achieved in three months. A long discipline is necessary. Having clarified this point, let's add that the actress's workouts always start with a warm-up to avoid injuries and to activate endorphins, making her more eager to train. Three days a week, alternately, the model does push-ups, squats and sit-ups. In addition, on Mondays she works her pecs, triceps and abs with weights; on Wednesdays she focuses on her back, shoulders and biceps; and on Fridays it's legs and glutes. To finish, perform stretches of the muscles worked. The routine of Elsa Pataky also includes cardiovascular work: three days a week of training on the exercise bike for half an hour. While doing these exercises, listen to inspirational music or repeat mantras.

Beyond diet and sport

Elsa Pataky He practices disciplines such as yoga and sports such as horseback riding and Thai boxing. But his healthy habits go far beyond diet and physical exercise. She sleeps between 7 and 8 hours to perform at her best the next day. She gets up early because she believes it helps her achieve her goals. In the morning, before getting out of bed, she takes her time to visualize what she wants to achieve that day. She always writes down the goals she wants to achieve and breaks down each goal into small steps to achieve them.

As you can see, the model's healthy routines not only include diet and physical exercise: thinking, reading and working on her mind and motivation are part of her daily routine. And you? Do you think you can incorporate some of the habits of the model? Elsa Pataky in your life?

Intensidad Max, the book by Elsa Pataky and her trainer Fernando Sartorius.
Intensidad Max, the book by Elsa Pataky and her trainer Fernando Sartorius.


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