How to prepare a natural disinfectant gel?

One of the WHO's tips to prevent the spread of all diseases, including coronavirus or 2019-nCoV, is to maintain good hand hygiene. And no, not everything goes when it comes to washing your hands to protect yourself. Therefore, at Plameca we have prepared the "recipe" to create your own disinfectant gel [...]

disinfectant gel

Natural disinfectant gel formula  

Grab a pen and paper, this is all you need to make your own disinfectant gel and how to do it. you need to prepare your own disinfectant gel and how to do it:

  • Aloe Verum Topicum Gel (8 tablespoons).
  • Tea tree oil (16 drops).
  • 70° isopropyl alcohol (90 ml., if not available, you can use 90° alcohol and reduce it with a little mineral water).
  • Optional: essential or aromatic oil in case you want to scent the gel. You can achieve this with, for example, 10 drops of lavender.
  • Mix all ingredients and pour the gel into a dispenser for ease of use.

Now we have the gel, but how should we disinfect our hands?