Good resolutions to start the year

At the beginning of the year it is common to want to introduce changes that bring us greater well-being. There is good resolutions related to starting to make some kind of sportand a more relaxed life and a more sleep more, start a diet... We hope that some of the ideas we give you in this article can help you.

Physical activity

Doing sports has beneficial effects for the body and mind. It is highly recommended to do some kind of physical activity if our work is sedentary. In addition, physical exercise helps us to release tension.

If you have decided to start doing sports this year, you should do it gradually and according to your fitness level. You can find friends with whom to share the hobby. This way, sport will become a tool for socializing and it will be easier for you to consolidate this good habit. 

An exercise within the reach of practically everyone is walk 30 minutes daily at a lively pace. For go for a runHowever, it is necessary to have an ideal weight and a better physical condition to avoid injuries and overloads. The swimming is also a very complete exercise to get in shape.

Go to gym opens up a wide range of possibilities to find an activity that suits you. You can do exercises of gymnastics and bodybuildingalways following the instructor's indications. In the guided aerobics, steps or spinning classes muscle toning, coordination and motor skills are worked on, and these are fun activities! There are many centers that offer yoga, pilates or tai-chiThe more gentle activities offer great benefits for the body and mind.

Pamper yourself

You need to find some time for yourself, to find yourself again, to read a book or enjoy any other hobby to help you relax and relieve tension. These pleasurable activities will help you sleep better. It will also help you to fall asleep if you have an early and small dinner, as well as regular bedtime and wake up at the same time. Another good option to fall asleep early is to take melatonin.

And if your good resolution for this year is lose those extra kilostrust in the professionals of our Plan21 Diet Service. They will listen to your needs, elaborate the diet that best suits you and re-educate your stomach with healthy habits to avoid the rebound effect.

Whatever your good resolutionsWe wish you much success!