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Quality of life

Foods low in histamine

Many people are intolerant to histamine, a chemical compound that we all have in our bodies and that acts as a [...]

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Healthy recipes

5 Benefits of sweet potatoes for health

We present the sweet potato, the main tuber of autumn Learn how to add this healthy tuber to your dishes [...]

Quality of life

Achieve your goals more easily with the new Garcinia Activ Plan!

We must take care of our body both inside and out. Plameca's Plan21 products are focused on [...]

Trends and curiosities

It's pumpkin, chestnut and sweet potato season!

As we enter autumn, the star foods are pumpkins, chestnuts and sweet potatoes. These foods are harvested before the [...]

Digestive / Hepatic

Improved protein degradation with Ysihay® gluten

A few months ago we presented the product Ysihay® gluten, a food supplement based on digestive enzymes that provoke a breakdown of the [...]

Quality of life

Good resolutions to start the year

At the beginning of the year it is common to want to introduce changes that bring us greater well-being. There are good resolutions related to [...]

Healthy recipes

Recipe for pancakes stuffed with mushrooms and shrimps, listen to the kitchen!

Facing the extra kilos has its funny side. Enjoying the recipes proposed by Mª José [...]

Weight Control

Diet service: in our nutritional advice everything revolves around you

The weather is getting better every week and high temperatures are just around the corner. In a few weeks you will be [...]

Weight Control

Plan D + stevia: improved formula

Spring is here. The days are getting longer and longer. The more pleasant temperatures invite you to take off your [...]

Healthy recipes

Take a bite of the surprise sandwich!

No more long faces because of dieting! We have set out to teach you easy, creative and fun recipes for [...]

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Weight Control

To the delicious recipe "Chicken Pizza Plan 21"!

Facing the extra pounds can also be fun. For example, this easy and tasty recipe that manages to [...]

Weight Control

After the summer, get ready!

There are times of the year when we overindulge in food and drink, and summer is one of those times.

Trends and curiosities

Leo Messi also relies on the diet of his nutritionist

Leo Messi is always in the news. During the past few weeks, the individual contribution of the Argentine footballer to [...]

Weight Control

Tips to reduce cellulite

Cellulite is an accumulation of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body, in which nodules of fatty tissue are formed, [...]

Quality of life

A diet rich in water

That water is the source of life goes without saying. And that is why it is so important to drink water. But we don't ingest [...]

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Trends and curiosities

Isabel Preysler: diet and dietary supplements

At 63, Isabel Preysler maintains an enviable figure and has skin that radiates beauty. Isabel herself [...]

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Weight Control

How to avoid the rebound effect in a weight loss diet

To avoid the rebound effect in a slimming diet, maintenance is as important as the diet itself. A [...]