Take a bite of the surprise sandwich!

No more long faces because of dieting! We have set out to teach you easy, creative and fun recipes to face the extra kilos. Here is the second proposal of Mª José Grandedietary and nutrition advisor and master chef Plan 21: the surprise sandwich. It is a sandwich made with bread without breadTake note of the ingredients and get to work!



To make the base (bread without bread)

  • 2 egg whites.
  • 1 can of natural tuna.

 For the filling

  • Thinly sliced turkey breast fillets or chicken breast fillets. It can also be made with marinated loin tape (it is juicier).
  • Natural tomato slices.
  • Lettuce leaves.
  • 1 slice of cheese light.



  • Beat the two egg whites and the tuna with the blender.
  • Put the dough obtained in a rectangular silicone mold. It can also be placed in a rectangular lunch box, after covering the inside with baking paper.
  • Heat the pasta in the microwave for four minutes at maximum power.
  • We will be left with a large soft slice, which we will cut in half. We will put the two pieces of slice on the griddle to toast.
  • The last step is to mount the surprise sandwich with the ingredients of our choice: turkey, chicken or marinated pork loin; tomato, lettuce and cheese. ligthAnd you're ready to take your first bite!


The idea of surprise sandwichThe main thing, as always, is not to mix proteins with carbohydrates. It is a recipe so easy and quick that you can make it any day of the week. If you liked this culinary suggestion, subscribe to the blog and you will receive new ones. recipes and other information of your interest. See you soon!

Surprise sandwich
Take a bite of the surprise sandwich!