Curarti® Forte: the innovative formulation equivalent to 120,000 mg of Curcuma longa in a single tablet

Being leaders in the osteoarticular line is synonymous with constant effort and research for more than 10 years. And yet, [...] Plameca we continue to innovate to keep our food supplements at the highest level of quality, providing the consumer with specially developed formulas to keep joints in top shape. One example is Curarti Fortenow with a presentation of 30 tablets, from which we highlight its great differential: the Curarti® Complexed Curcumin.


An innovative formulation: Curarti®. Forte

The curcumin is the active ingredient of turmericthe root of a plant (Curcuma longa), whose medicinal properties are widely recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in the Ayurvedic tradition of India. The curcumin has the particularity that it is insoluble in water and therefore it is necessary to take it in large quantities to obtain its benefits. It is also very poorly absorbed (less than 1%) in the intestinal tract.

The formulation Curarti provides the solution so that the curcumin The active ingredient can pass through the intestinal wall, allowing it to penetrate the body and be transported to where it is needed. The Curarti® Complexed Curcumin consists of curcumin and β-cyclodextrin (a substance obtained by biotechnological treatment of starch). The β-cyclodextrin is a spherical molecule, soluble in water, which contains the curcumin in its interior. We can say that the β-cyclodextrin acts as a Trojan horse for the curcumin can enter the organism and act in the areas where it is needed. The metaphor of the Trojan horse, which is used by the Manu Llabrés, R&D director of Plamecais the most graphic way to illustrate the efficiency of this innovative formulation.


A Powerful Curcumin: Curarti® Complexed Curcumin

Different studies demonstrate the power of the Curarti® Complexed Curcumin. Today we know that:

  • 78 mg of Curarti® Complexed Curcumin (the contents of one tablet of Curarti Forte) are equivalent to 120,000 mg of powdered root of Curcuma longa.
  • 78 mg of Curarti® Complexed Curcumin equivalent to 4,800 mg of curcumin It should be borne in mind that most food supplements with turmeric contain about 500 mg of curcumin (the safety of this active ingredient for the organism is widely proven by its history of use in the Orient).


Ingredients of Curarti® Forte

  • Curarti® Complexed Curcumin. It is the star ingredient, present in all products of the Curarti® line, with more than ten years of presence in the market and with its own studies.
  • It is a trace element with proven benefits, present in most animals and plants.
  • Vitamin C. Contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the functioning of cartilage and bones. It also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.


How to take Curarti® Forte: a single tablet per day

It is necessary to take one tablet a day, accompanied by a glass of water. It can be consumed continuously or occasionally, for example in times when cold or humidity require it more.


[resum] [resumThanks to this innovative formulation, 78 mg of Curarti® Complexed Curcumin (the content of one tablet of Curarti® Forte) is equivalent to 120,000 mg of Curcuma longa root powder and 4,800 mg of conventional curcumin.[/resume]


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