A diet rich in water

That water is the source of life goes without saying. And that is why it is so important drink water. But we do not ingest enough, although it may seem otherwise. Many organic reactions are produced thanks to water, and many discomforts that we suffer, sometimes, are caused by the lack of water.

Therapeutically speaking, the use of water in naturopathy is essential. It is so when we are going to prepare an infusion or decoction, when we use a tincture, when we take a capsule or a tablet, in a syrup, in an eye drop, in vials with different active ingredients... If we start from here, we observe that no restructuring or healing in the body is going to be entirely possible without the invaluable collaboration of water. We need drink water -between 1 and 3 liters per day- so that organic functions can take place normally. Drinking water in quantities of less than 1.5 liters would be a prolonged suicide that sooner or later would leave its effects. Greater hydration of the skin and mucous membranes, better resistance to colds... These are some of the advantages that adequate hydration would provide.

We are in a good time, due to the high temperatures, we feel like refreshing ourselves in the wonderful beaches that flood our coastline much more than in winter. And that will make it easier for us to use free of charge a thalassotherapy basic, but effective, within everyone's reach. Let's bathe in the immense waters of our region, strolling through them, soaking, taking a dip, letting the large amount of minerals it possesses pass through our skin and benefit us at no cost to the pocket. And not only in summer we can enjoy so many marine advantages, because in winter, this "health center" is still open.

Ismael Moreno Jaén, naturopath specializing in Herbology and Trophology

[summary]"Many organic reactions are produced by water, and many of the ailments we suffer from are sometimes caused by not drinking enough water."[/resume].