Diet service: in our nutritional advice everything revolves around you

The weather is getting better every week and high temperatures are just around the corner. In a few weeks you will be showing off your silhouette and that means you need to start the operation bikini. Many people are put to diet and achieve lose weightbut after a while they regain all the weight they had lost. This is the dreaded rebound effect. In Plameca we think that the best option is to bet on the nutritional counseling.

Our nutritionists know better than anyone else that a diet has a dual purpose: on the one hand, lose weight and, on the other hand, to consolidate the good habits acquired from the healthy and balanced nutrition. In our Per Diem Service everything revolves around you.


We listen to your mind

Many times, after a hard day, you don't feel like cooking or preparing the menu we had indicated. We are aware that there are people who eat sweets out of anxiety. Or who have the habit of snacking between meals. We consider aspects such as these and we take them into account when we prepare your personalized diet.


We identify your needs

All diet must be personalized because each person is unique. Your physical conditions and health status are different from other individuals. Your lifestyle has nothing to do with that of your friend. Therefore, your needs are also different, as well as the diet that best suits you must be very specific.

Thanks to the work done for almost 10 years, today we have more than 800 menus. This wide variety allows us to choose the products that best suit you and you can choose the ones you like the most. Your dietician will renew the menus every week. The great variety of menus is one of the aspects most appreciated by our clients who often continue to ask us for weekly menus even when they have more freedom because they have reached the maintenance phase.


We educate your stomach

There are studies that state that it takes 21 days to re-educate the body and get it used to new habits. We try to educate your stomach in these three weeks: we teach it healthy habits; we tell it to eat five times a day and not to skip any meal; we correct the bad habit of snacking between meals; we get it used to take the most energetic food during the first hours of the day and to leave the lighter meals for the afternoon and evening; etc.


We bring balance to your body

The Plan 21 has a wide range of food supplements to further adjust the diet to your specific needs. We take into account whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle or play sports; whether you want to reduce your abs; whether you want to reduce celluliteIf you have gained weight due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy, you may be able to menopauseetc. There are many aspects to be taken into account and in our Per Diem Service everything revolves around you.


[resum] [resumEvery diet must be personalized because each person is unique. Your needs are different from those of another individual and the diet that best suits you, therefore, will be very specific.[/resume]