Improved protein degradation with Ysihay® gluten

A few months ago we introduced the product Ysihay® glutena food supplement based on digestive enzymes that cause a rapid breakdown of ingested gluten proteins*. The supplement, ideal for gluten-sensitive people (non-celiac), is also ideal for people with provides benefits for protein degradation in cases of high-protein diets.

To improve protein degradation, Ysihay® gluten contains proteases that degrade ingested proteins and, consequently, help to increase free amino acids in the blood. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins found in tissues and are very important for recovery, muscle building, strength gain and fat loss.

In this sense, it is also presented as an ideal product for people who are in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Ysihay® gluten contains these digestive enzymes that can be useful for athletes and people who consume high-protein diets.

Hyperprotein diets, or protein diets, aim to increase the consumption of protein-rich foods and reduce fats and sugars, lose weight quickly and increase muscle volume.

Protein consumption provides the muscle with the amino acids it needs to recover after a day of muscular effort, so that Ysihay® gluten participates in the degradation of these proteins.

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* Ysihay® gluten is not intended to replace a gluten-free diet.


[resum]Ysihay® gluten provides benefits for protein degradation in cases of high protein diets.[/resum].