After the summer, get ready!

There are times of the year when we overindulge in food and drink, and summer is one of them. After this period, we should purify the body for eliminate toxins and fats. We also need to recover the good tone of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

One of the types of food that has damaged us the most has been fried foods. Cooking at very high temperatures generates free radicals that must be fought with antioxidants such as, for example, certain vitamins. These antioxidants protect us from many diseases. Sweets, industrial pastries and precooked foods, with their sweeteners, preservatives, stabilizers and a long etcetera, also produce toxins and many fats. And alcoholic beverages are especially harmful to the body. liverwho is forced to work harder for eliminate toxins.


Purifying diets

There are many cleansing diets (fat burning soup, maple syrup, pineapple diet ...), but I always recommend that you put yourself in the hands of a dietitian-nutritionist to tell you what diet is best suited to your person.

Broadly speaking, the cleansing diets are based on fruits and natural juices, and vegetables in the form of purees or broths. As you can see, they are rich in fiber and water, have no fat and provide us with the vitamins and liquids we need for our daily diet. purify the body and recover defenses. Among the fruits, the one that enjoys the greatest recognition is pineapple. And, among vegetables, green asparagus.


More options for purifying the body

We can also take infusions of purifying plants o food supplements for purification containing: milk thistlehorsetail, dandelionboldo or artichoke and that help us to purify the body.


Recovering good habits

After the summer period, it is also important to recover the usual schedules and routines that we follow throughout the year:

  • Return to the physical exercise that we may have abandoned during the vacations.
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. (which in summer we may have substituted for alcoholic beverages or soft drinks).
  • Sufficient rest and sleep well to feel better and strengthen our defenses.
  • To get back into our routines and adapt to the change of season, it is also important to take poly-vitamin supplements to increase our defenses, as many people tend to catch colds at this time of year!


Iolanda Almirall Candelario, Graduate in Dietetics and Human Nutrition


[resum]After the summer, it is necessary to purify the body to eliminate toxins and fats. Purifying diets are based on fruits (juices) and vegetables (broths and purees). We can also opt for herbal teas and food supplements.[/resum][/resum].