Manu Llabrés: "At Plameca we are committed to providing consumers with products of proven efficacy and quality".

The technical director of PlamecaJosep Manuel Llabrés, ManuD. in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona (UB). His doctoral thesis focused on a species of the genus Narcissus, which is abundant in the Natural Park of Montserrat (Barcelona). He is passionate about research and continued his research work in a center in Paris. Back in Spain, she worked in different companies linked to health until she joined Plameca14 years ago. Today he is responsible for new product development and R&D in our company.

-Why did you choose to pursue a doctorate in medicinal plants? Was there interest in this field in the early 1980s?

-At the beginning of my career I liked the subject of Botany and in the 4th year I chose to specialize in Natural Products. My interest in medicinal plants was a reflection of my passion for the natural environment. It is true that at that time, natural products did not enjoy the prestige they have today: they were considered to be grandmother's remedies. It has been in recent years that more and more people have turned to this option.

-To what do you attribute the recovery of interest in natural products?

-It is a trend in the developed world. We seek the natural environment because we are aware that we are surrounded by artificial chemistry: additives in food, pollution in cities... By incorporating natural products in our diet, we can maintain a good quality of life.

-What is your favorite medicinal plant?

-I regularly consume green, red and black tea. And I still have a predilection for Narcissus, which is not a medicinal plant, although in countries like Russia they do extract compounds from it. But if you ask me about my favorite medicinal plant... I wouldn't know what to tell you.

Tell us about your day-to-day work at Plameca, your Research and Development work.

-I have three areas of responsibility. The first is the development of new products. It's a job that involves looking for and listening to the ideas that come to me and making an initial assessment and then presenting them to the Marketing Department and General Management. When it comes to developing more technical launches, I have to work together with research centers and carry out more in-depth studies. A second area is the development of products for third parties, i.e. we develop food supplements for our customers to market under their own brand. And the third responsibility is training, both internally (to our teams of dietitians and sales people) and for client companies.

-What importance does Plameca give to R&D?

-We have found that our competitors invest a low percentage of their turnover in R&D. On the other hand, in Plameca we are committed to the sector and work with a vision of the future, several years ahead. We are also committed to providing consumers with products of proven efficacy and quality.

-Tell us where Plameca's R&D is headed.

-There are projects that I cannot explain so as not to give competitors any clues. What I can say is that, since PlamecaWe are working with a company in India on a project we have named Naturindia. The objective is to develop a new product for the well-being of the joints and another to reduce fat in overweight people. In addition, from the SuanFarma Groupto which it belongs PlamecaWe have a great interest in probiotics. We think it is a field with a great future.

-Among your hobbies there is the running What do you like most about them?

-These sports allow me to be in contact with the wildest natural environment. I try to get off the beaten track and go to environments where I will find fewer people. I like adventure!

-What Plameca products do you take to stay in the form of?

-To be in good physical shape, we all drink at home. 369ka food supplement based on omega-3 fatty acids that provides multiple health benefits. Both my wife and I also consume Curarti Selectium to keep joints, muscles and bones in optimal condition. And, to be in good mental shape in difficult times, Serenity is a great help to me.