Leo Messi also relies on the diet of his nutritionist

Leo Messi is still in the news. During the past weeks, the individual contribution of the Argentine player to the titles won by Barça this year has been highlighted. After the end of the season, different media outlets have echoed the secret of the Argentinean's Leo Messi's diet.

This season, the Azulgrana striker has traveled to the small Italian town of Sacile, with a population of 20,000, some 90 kilometers from Venice. There he visits the Dr. Giuliano Poser, nutritionist specialized in sports medicine, who has radically changed the way in which the Leo Messi's diet. The Barça 10 was until recently a lover of cheese pizza and meat roasts so common in his country. The Dr. Giuliano Poser has proposed that the Leo Messi's diet is based on organic products. The portal www.mamabio.esciting the Italian magazine Panoramaalso explains that the nutritionist has banned everything containing preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, saturated fats, hydrogenated vegetable fats and other additives. The four-time Ballon d'Or winner has also had to eliminate the intake of sucrose and alcohol.

To top it all off, Leo Messi is subjected each month to a test of kinesiology food intolerances are detected and then eliminated from their diet. dietThe company has also been involved in the production of dairy products, wheat flour, pork and beef, seafood and eggs for long periods of time on a case-by-case basis.

It was Martín DemichelisManchester City defender and teammate of Leo Messi Argentina's national team, who talked to him about the method of Dr. Giuliano Poser. Other elite athletes such as the Kun Agüero, Angel Di Maria y Luciano Vietto also turn to the Italian doctor. With the new diet, Leo Messi wanted to put an end to his physical problems and prevent further muscle injuries. The change has been spectacular compared to last season, when he played a discreet role in all competitions after recovering from his injury and went almost unnoticed at the World Cup in Brazil.

The newspaper El Mundo has not only focused on the sporting aspect, but has also highlighted his change of attitude. According to the newspaper, the therapy with Bach Flowers has served to Leo Messi better cope with aspects of your personality such as insecurity, sadness, apathy or a tendency to loneliness. Next June 24 Leo Messi is 28 years old, but he's still got a long way to go.


[resum] [resumLeo Messi's new diet is based on organic products and has banned foods with preservatives, saturated fats, hydrogenated vegetable fats and other additives. And, of course, also alcohol.[/resume]