Isabel Preysler: diet and dietary supplements

At 63 years of age, Isabel Preysler maintains an enviable figure and has skin that radiates beauty. The very Isabel Preysler confesses, in an interview in the magazine WeekShe has been committed "from a very young age to taking care of the skin to keep it luminous, moisturized and firm for as long as possible". But we all know that the first requirement for healthy skin is to take care of it from the inside.

Isabel Preysler is disciplined in its macrobiotic diet. In addition, among other habits, he drinks a glass of hot water with lemon every day to eliminate toxins; eats fruit between meals, separated from the main meals; opts for natural juices instead of carbonated soft drinks; uses sugar and brown rice; and only eats processed meat (meatballs, hot dogs and hamburgers).

But the most surprising thing about the diet from Isabel Preysler is the daily ritual of 10 capsules of food supplements designed by a friend herbalist. In the morning, he takes a vitamin B complex, then 500 milligrams of vitamin C complex and, finally, magnesium. Only after ingesting these three pills can you start taking solids. She eats fresh fruit, seaweed, flaxseed and whole-grain seed bread with butter for breakfast. And combine your diet What do you think? Do you think it is too much discipline?

[resum] [resumIsabel Preysler, at 63, maintains an enviable figure and her skin radiates beauty. In addition to treatments, she is disciplined in her diet and takes 10 capsules of food supplements every day.[/resume]

Source: Isabel Preysler, now a beauty entrepreneur, at WeekNo. 3,912 (January 28, 2015).