Plameca's food supplements in "Piérdete y disfruta" of Gestiona Radio

J.M. Llabrés, Plameca's technical director, recently attended the radio program "Piérdete y disfruta", directed and presented by journalist Pilar Carrizosa, on Gestiona Radio. The program aims to deepen on different topics of interest, including health and wellness.

Plameca's technical director was the invited specialist on June 27th and on July 25th to talk about the importance of food supplements in health and the different Plameca products and their functionalities.

"Back to natural is trending worldwide."

J.M. Llabrés conveyed Plameca's involvement in people's natural well-being and the brand's passion for medicinal plants. In the FIRST PROGRAMthe director presented the benefits of the Aloe Verathe Turmeric and the Collagen.

About aloe vera, the main plant of the range Aloe Verum of Plameca, explained its antioxidant properties and the high vitamin content of the product. In addition, the aloe vera used by Plameca is not pasteurized and comes from organic and exclusive aloe cultivation plants in Andalusia.

In addition to the benefits of turmeric, the director also presented the range of Curarti Plameca, a product characterized by this powerful spice, with multiple benefits known for hundreds of years.

As for collagen, which is characteristic of Curarti and mainly from the range of beauty products DonnaBellaJ.M. Llabrés pointed out the benefits and the different types that can be found.

"In phytotherapy we start from ancestral knowledge, based on the observation of nature".

In the second programPlameca's technical director talked about Policol One, Ber-Detox® y Ysihay Gluten®.

Pilar Carrizosa asked about remedies to reduce cholesterol levels and Mr. Llabrés explained that there are ingredients such as red yeast rice, historically used in the East. At Plameca, the product that contains this as the main ingredient is Policol One.

Regarding liver purification, Plameca's technical director explained the importance of the organ as the main factory of our organism. In this case, he presented the product Ber-Detox® Ber-Detoxwhich contains berberine and turmeric as active ingredients, among others.

Finally, Ysihay Gluten ® as a revolutionary food supplement presented by Plameca this 2017, which in addition to being an ally for heavy digestions, is ideal for hyperproteic diets and an important breaker of ingested gluten proteins.


You can listen again to the participation of J.M. Llabrés, technical director of Plameca, in "Piérdete y disfruta" of Gestiona Radio here: