Ysihay® gluten, it will make your life and your food happier!

At the beginning of the year, Plameca launched a new food supplement intended for non-celiac gluten-sensitive people: Ysihay® Glutena product based on digestive enzymes that break the peptide bonds of gluten proteins (gliadin).

Ysihay® Gluten came to the market as a revolutionary and innovative product to improve the well-being of women. people with heavy digestionsgluten. However, its formula not only degrades gluten proteins, but also general proteins.

High market impact

Ysihay® Gluten has entered the market as the perfect ally in case of heavy digestions, and thus be able to enjoy a healthier life. The product, obtained after the fermentation of vegetable substrates, has achieved a great repercussion and a perfect reception.

Throughout the month of June, the journalist Justo Molinero, known for his catchy rhymes, recommended Ysihay® Gluten as the product that "it's going to make your life and your food happy.". It is a unique food supplement that brings us well-being by taking one capsule a few minutes before eating any food that we suspect may be bad for us.


[resum] [resumYsihay® Gluten does not replace a gluten-free diet[/resume].