5 tips to control hypertension

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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, consists of an increase in blood pressure and is considered a silent disease, since it has no symptoms. It is therefore not surprising that in Spain, 43% of the population is hypertensive and 37% are undiagnosed. That is why we present these 5 tips to keep blood pressure at bay.

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  1. Healthy diet. It is important to reduce the consumption of salt, since its consumption is a risk factor for hypertension, as well as saturated fats and high-calorie foods, since they favor the accumulation of fat, which increases the probability of suffering from this disease.
  2. Say goodbye to tobacco. And not only because of the harmfulness of its components... Tobacco also increases blood pressure and heart rate. Quitting smoking for a hypertensive is better than any existing medication to combat it.
  3. Consume alcohol in moderation. As well as a small dose of alcohol (10g per day), data extracted from WHO) reduces the risk of heart disease, excessive consumption increases blood pressure.
  4. Get moving. Physical activity will help you reduce your blood pressure to safer levels. You don't need to become a top athlete to enjoy the benefits of sport, walking, jogging, cycling, cycling, swimming or even dancing for 30 minutes 5 days a week is enough. However, recurrence is essential.
  5. Medicinal plants. Olive and hawthorn are some of the medicinal plants that help lower blood pressure and avoid risks. You may already consume them in your diet, but if not, and in case you want to increase their consumption, a good way to do it is to take them in infusions. There are other foods of proven efficacy for this purpose, such as garlic consumption, as well as food supplements such as Normaltens that help you maintain your blood pressure.
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Would you like to follow these tips to reduce stress and let us know how it went?