Four healthy and delicious dishes for Valentine's Day!

Today is a special day for many couples celebrating love and how much they love each other, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate that love than by enjoying food together! We know that this is not always an easy task, and that sometimes it is a bit difficult to combine the enjoyment of food as a couple with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. That's why today we want to share four healthy, delicious and easy-to-make recipes for Valentine's Day, with which you can surprise your partner and enjoy an unforgettable moment.

Whatever you have in mind to celebrate February 14th, we are sure you will love these recipes. With them you will be able to organize a dinner party, a romantic lunch, a surprise breakfast in bed... Add some candles and nice music and a romantic evening is guaranteed!

Cherry tomato and cream cheese toasts

This recipe could not be simpler and tastier. We recommend that you use rustic bread for the toast and bake it for a few minutes to make it crispy. Then spread a generous amount of cream cheese, add the chopped cherry tomatoes (about 3 tomatoes per toast) and a few drops of olive oil. Delicious! This is a very typical Italian appetizer that is perfect for a dinner or a snack.


Banana pancakes

If you are a pancake lover, we recommend you try this recipe. It is a very healthy way of not giving up this sweet that everyone loves so much. It is the perfect recipe to surprise your partner with a romantic and improvised breakfast in bed.

To prepare them you only need to mash two bananas and mix them with 1 egg, 50 grams of flour, a teaspoon of yeast and honey to sweeten. Cook them in a frying pan as if you were preparing normal pancakes and that's it! You can serve them with a drizzle of honey or powdered sugar, and accompany them with nuts and more fruit.


Spinach and mushroom quiche

This dish is perfect to serve with a salad and eat at lunchtime. It takes no more than an hour to prepare and is a dish that delights and surprises in equal measure.

To prepare the quiche you will have to boil the spinach in water and salt. Then, chop the mushrooms and sauté them in the pan with garlic and spinach. Then, beat three eggs and add the spinach and mushroom mixture and 100 ml of evaporated milk. When finished, spread a sheet of shortcrust pastry or brie on a tart pan, pour the mixture inside and add grated cheese on top. Bake for 30-35 minutes and it is ready to eat.

Grilled salmon with zucchini, lime and sesame seeds

This recipe is a different and fun way to prepare salmon. Serve it at dinner time with a glass of white or red wine... success is guaranteed.

For this recipe you will first need to salt two salmon loins. Then, you will need to bathe them lightly in oil so that the sesame seeds stick to them. On the other hand, sauté five small peeled and chopped zucchini. Once they acquire a slightly toasted color, add the salmon loins to the pan (do not add more oil). When the salmon acquires a hard and crispy layer, remove them from the pan and serve on a plate, creating a bed with the zucchini and placing the loin on top. You can add an acid touch to the dish with lime or lemon.