5 ways to get back to the routine with recharged batteries

It is a time of changes, of resuming obligations, of going back to school, to work, to university... And all of this after a good vacation can provoke small episodes of stress. Even the hated post-vacation syndrome, in which we feel faint and nostalgic thinking about the free time we left behind. Today we propose 5 ways to get back to the routine with your batteries recharged.

So that you don't have a hard time, we are going to give you some tips to prevent and know how to better manage this positive stage to start new challenges.

1. Avoid napping a few days before

First of all, sleep more than 8 hours. Above all, before returning to work, try to resume your daily routine of eating and sleeping so that insomnia does not catch you by surprise. Avoid napping three days before resuming your routine, otherwise you will accustom your body to sleep it and the first day you will suffer from drowsiness in the middle of the working day.

If you want to resume your sleep habits we recommend you to Melanoctina sublingual. Melanoctin contributes to reduce the time needed to fall asleep. Remember that a good rest is vital to feel well and for your body to function properly.

2. Return to your meal schedule

Resume the meal schedule you had before going on vacation and try not to commit the excesses that you could afford on vacation. Avoid eating large meals, snacking and drinking alcohol during the week. In this way you will help your body to get used to the routine and avoid insomnia and digestion problems at bedtime.

Take the opportunity to repair your body from the excesses committed during the previous weeks and repair your intestinal flora with macrobiotics that you will be re-regulated.

3. Set goals to get started

September is a good time to start new work and personal challenges. Going back to the gym, to the activities can be a very stimulating motivation. Practicing sports helps to produce endorphinsThe benefits of exercise, the hormones of happiness, and to release the tensions of everyday life. Feeling vital and leaving the sedentary lifestyle will help you feel younger, happier and increase your self-esteem.

Plan your goals until the end of the year such as: read a book, organize a getaway, join a gym, go cycling 2 days a week, learn how to cook.

The start of something new is always an illusion that helps to start the day with energy and a positive attitude.

4. Take supplements that help energize you.

We propose a list of food supplements that help you feel more vital and positive. It is a good time to start a cycle of royal jelly. Take it in the morning with an orange juice during breakfast. This supplement works very well in the changing seasons when lack of energy takes center stage. Vittal In contains vitamin C, which contributes to a normal functioning of the immune system. In addition, it contains echinacea, traditionally used for the maintenance of the immune system.

Ginseng is another medicinal plant that will give you a good dose of vitality and will make you feel very energetic during the day. Plameca Korean Ginseng contains ginseng, traditionally used to maintain vitality, alertness and reduce fatigue.

Cheer up, smile and start with a positive attitude with the Tryptophan of Plameca. It contains folic acid and magnesium that contribute to normal psychological function and to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

And, last but not least, the Eleutherococcustraditionally used for the maintenance of mental and intellectual performance and you will find it at Memoplam.

5. Take it easy

If you haven't done it this year, take this advice for your next vacation: try to come back in the middle of the week to make the return shorter. You will have the feeling that you are gradually getting back into the routine and the weekend will help you to return in a more relaxed way. If you start on a Thursday, the weekend seems closer and mentally you will be more predisposed to start strong.