5 benefits of practicing yoga


With the end of summer the routine returns, and with it the obligations, work, extracurricular activities, exams... and stress. To deal with this start of stage that usually becomes so hard, we want to show you the 5 benefits of practicing Yoga to train physical and mental health.

Surely you've heard about mindfulness, meditation, and... Yoga. It is one of the many disciplines that is being practiced lately for inner well-being. The key? Paying attention to our inner self and becoming aware of our body and connecting our thoughts with the present. This discipline brings multiple benefits, and we are going to show you which are the most important ones:

1. It brings you inner well-being

It helps you meditate and become aware of your body. According to the International School of YogaThe most immediate results of the practice of Yoga and meditation have to do with the cultivation of inner peace".


2. Helps you focus on the present

One of the main precepts of Yoga is relaxation to learn to connect with your inner self and start by prioritizing the here and now. This concentration on the present in a conscious and relaxed way helps you to become aware of your surroundings and to concentrate better.


3. Improve your circulation

The different postures help you oxygenate the cells of your body and make the blood circulation more fluid. It will also help you feel lighter and rest better during the night, as your body will feel more relaxed and relaxed.


4. Activates your heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

There are postures in Yoga that are performed to the rhythm of breathing and help oxygen to reach the blood in a more fluid way. This also generates the aerobic activity that the body needs for a healthy heart.


5. Relieves muscle pain

Multiple studies show that the practice of postures (asanas), meditation and relaxation combined, relieve the pain of muscular ailments. This is because you learn to listen better to your body and bring your attention to the affected body parts with the intention to relax them. "This intention and energy helps to know how to manage and dissolve the effects of pain, and, ultimately, to be present with confidence and a healthy attitude and positive acceptance," says the International School of Yoga.


So, now that the routine is back, don't let the stress saturate you and take time during the week to disconnect from the outside and connect with you.