Tips to take care of your joints

Joints are the basis of our movements and are often the culprits of discomfort and pain. Almost inevitably, with the passage of time and with simple actions such as walking and other daily movements, joints suffer progressive mechanical wear and tear.

From Plameca we want you to be aware of the physical problems that joint problems can cause you and not to fall into the myth that only older people suffer from it. All people, regardless of their age, are vulnerable to suffer the pain caused by the joints if the necessary measures are not taken.

That is why today we summarize some of them steps to take care of your bones and joints and forget the pains.

The first tip, the most basic, but also the most effective, is to watching your diet and body weightThe diet should be varied and balanced. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and low in saturated fats is the basis for good health. The body weight is the first element of overload for the bones and is a mechanical wear and tear.

The second piece of advice, often repeated by Plameca, is the regular exercise. The joints carry all the mobility of the muscles. Think of all the weight that the hip, knee or ankle have to bear by the simple fact of walking. All that effort puts an enormous strain on the joints and cartilage which, if we don't take care of them, can suffer worrying wear and tear.

Physical activity strengthens the musculature around the joints, protecting them and preventing early deterioration of joint cartilage. For example, to take care of the spine, the lumbar muscles should be exercised and developed, as well as the quadriceps and hamstring muscles for the knees.


Exercise can be counterproductive if proper measures are not taken. The stretching and warm-up Stretching before and after exercise is essential to obtain the results we desire. It is equally important to stretch both before and after exercise.

If you are a fan of runningIf you do not take the proper precautions, you must protect your ankles and knees, which are the first to suffer. Always wear suitable footwearthat adapts to your footprint and the terrain where you usually run. It is better to run on soft soils such as specialized athletic or nature trails.

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To avoid joint overload, rest is essential. Set aside one or two days a week to rest. rest.

You can also take care of your joints while at rest. Always keep a proper body posture. The most common errors in terms of postural hygiene are made in actions such as sitting, lifting, squatting, etc., very frequent movements when performing daily tasks.

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