Discover the top 5 benefits of drinking Aloe Vera

Hydrate yourself inside and out for iron health.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant. It receives this name because of its great capacity to store water in much higher quantities than other plants. This quality allows them to maintain water reserves for a long time and that is why they live in arid and very dry ecosystems, as they survive drought and heat.

These water reserves that are stored in the Aloe leaves are extracted in the form of gel and/or aloe vera juice and contain a wealth of quality properties for our organism.

Aloe Vera has medicinal properties. It is a healing plant highly valued in many cultures where traditional medicine has a great weight as: Chinese, African, Indian and in many regions of the Middle East. 

If you include Aloe Vera in your regular diet you will begin to notice the multiple benefits that this plant has on your health. So take note:

1. Helps you lose weight

Aloe Vera juice helps eliminate toxins and has detoxifying properties that help during the process of initiating and maintaining a healthy diet. It helps to eliminate accumulated fat and not to accumulate new fat. A tip: if you want to lose fat, take Aloe Vera with your meals. The fiber contained in its juice binds in large quantities to the fat contained in food, so that it is expelled with the feces instead of being completely absorbed by our body.

2. Purify your digestive system

Its regulating properties ensure that your digestive system is always in balance. Whether you suffer from constipation or diarrhea, it will help you keep your flora and intestinal transit regulated. It reduces irritations and has healing properties that are very good for healing stomach and intestinal ulcers. In addition, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it contributes effectively to conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and colitis.

3. Helps your defenses and improves your immune system.

Its high level of adaptogens helps you to increase the defenses of your immune system and to better manage stress. Take it during seasonal changes when the proliferation of viruses is more noticeable.

4. Reduces cholesterol

Its high beta-sitosterol content helps reduce bad cholesterol in both arteries and liver. It also regulates triglyceride levels in the blood and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

5. Regulates blood sugar

Aloe juice is high in glucomannan and helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is very beneficial for people with diabetes and sugar due to its hypoglycemic effect.